Locally Fabricated Nylon Making Machine And Price

Making nylon is one of Nigeria\’s most lucrative businesses. It is among the popular business ideas in 2022. But, nylon bags don’t fall from the sky they are produced. A nylon-making machine is the most important in production.

Some key points about local nylon machines are in this article. Please read, if you want to enter the nylon making business. Your machine has the ability to decide your success or failure in the nylon business.

How it Works

Nylon mold is converted into nylon bags by the nylon-making machine. The main duty of this machine is to drive molten nylon into the spinneret. The spinneret then creates a filament out of molten nylon.

Types of Nylon Products

There are two basic categories of nylon products. The High-density nylon and Low-density nylon.
Low-density Nylon: These are used for small item packing. Low-density nylon is not strong enough to handle a lot of weight. They work well for packing on a small scale. The best nylon for clothing, food, and water is low-density nylon.

High-density Nylon: They are utilized for industrial purposes. They are better options to low-density nylon for moving heavy objects. However, compared to low-density nylon, their cost and raw materials are higher.

It is advisable to fabricate your nylon machine for high-density nylon. This means your machine can manufacture both thick and thin nylon. This will enable you to profit from every nylon product.

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Best Selling Nylon Products

Knowing the nylon that sells best at your business point is crucial. It will guide you on the products your machine should produce. It will also show why high-density nylon should be a spec in the design of your machine.

The top-selling nylon items in Nigeria are listed below.

  • Laundry bags
  • Yodi
  • Santana
  • Pure water nylon
  • Ice block nylon
  • Pata Nla
  • Party bag


Your fabricated nylon-making machine has two basic functions. It must be able to cut and seal.
Cutting needs the ability to handle the required thickness or anything less. Any shape and length should be achievable by your nylon machine.

Your nylon machine should also seal both the calculated thickness and anything less. If it cannot, that means there is an error in fabrication. test all these functions Before receiving it from the fabricator or seller.


A nylon machine can be built for a lower cost in Nigeria. It costs less than nylon machines that are imported. Common nylon machines cost between 1.5 million and 4 million naira.

I made a list of various nylon machines and their prices. Specialized nylon machines are included in this list.

  • Nigeria\’s best sale nylon bag-making machine: 1.6 million – 3.7 million.
  • Nylon polythene shopping bags making production machine: 1.4 million – 2 million
  • PP plastic-making machine: 1.9 million – 3.9million

There might be a slight increase or decrease in price. Your negotiation and the setting will determine this.
However, avoid buying a cheap machine. Machines of poor quality cost more to maintain than a new one would.

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Find a repairer

Your repairer comes next after fabricating a quality machine. Your machine will develop a malfunction someday. When this happens, You will need a repairman in this situation.
Choosing a repairer requires extra effort. Your machine can develop new issues as a result of a poor repair. The following are crucial qualities your repairer ought to possess. Experience, skill, reasonable price, and a good repair kit.


The quantity you make depends on how much nylon customers buy. It\’s important to conduct your research before fabricating a machine. Recent research shows Nigeria spends more than 50 billion naira on nylon. This means that the nylon business is profitable throughout Nigeria. Regardless, make your research.


Local nylon machine is better than an imported one. This is because of reasons like low cost, precision, increased output and quicker completion.
These are very important in having a successful nylon business.

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