Top 10 Business Ideas For Ladies To Start Up in Nigeria

The look of the Nigerian economy does not support idleness or laziness. Hence, every intentional person should seek for profitable businesses and avoid the wicked clutches of poverty on them. However, this question, \”what exactly am I going to do \” ? has kept many ladies lost thinking about which business to do.

That\’s why we decided to create this article, to give you a clear view of high-profiting businesses in Nigeria for you to engage as a lady.

Top 10 businesses you should think of starting as a Lady

1. Cosmetics Shops

As a lady, you can set up a shop or store, where you can sell all kinds of cosmetic products in exchange for some cool cash. Soaps, lotions, make-up kits and many more items fall under this category.

2. Hairstyling

Apart from their skin, ladies also give premium attention to their hair. They want to wear the latest braids on their heads, so if you are a talented hairstylist, a door of Business has been opened for you to enjoy.

3. Freelancing

The good thing about this is that you necessarily do not need much to start. A good writing skill, and maybe a laptop in addition to mobile phone, is enough to get you good Writing and online publishing jobs from numerous Companies as a lady.

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4. Event Planning

There will always be societal gatherings around, and as a lady if you are highly skilled in your organizational abilities then I see no reason why you shouldn\’t get bookings when lavishly funded societal gatherings are organized.

5. Mini Importation

With a little amount, Mini Importation can be started, ranging from all manner of goods, depending on the line of business chosen. However, the line of business with juicy returns is clothing and accessories Importation. Bags, shoes, clothes and other things in their other, can be imported and sold at a good profit.

6. Fashion Designing / Tailoring

People will always wear clothes, and so they will keep on sewing. If you are really worth your salt when it comes to sewing beautiful and eye catchy attires for ladies, ranging from popular Ankara, to other clothing styles, then you are on your way to financial freedom. Because deals will come your way on a steady note.

7. Cleaning Services

This is not limited to laundry alone, cleaning is all-encompassing, and people will go all out to imbibe a clean lifestyle. However, in busy regions, People would rather opt to pay others to help them do it, because of their busy schedules.

8. Bead Making

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other ornaments all have different designs made of beads, so if you are good at getting beads together to make out something nice, then you can start building a business around it.

9. Baking

If you have a good knowledge of baking things that are in high demand like Cake, Bread, pies etc, then you should know it can Land you good fortune, either working in a bakery or independently producing and selling your baked products.

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10. Tutoring

You don\’t necessarily need to be a teacher here, provided there\’s something you know so well, and can comfortably pass the knowledge unto others, no matter the age grade, then you are good to start making some cool cash.


As a lady, get started with any of the following, while still maintaining a healthy balance between work and family, and you are sure, that the coming days will capture you in a smiling mode.

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