Rima Tahini Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth

Rima Tahini is a Lebanese-Sierra Leonean businesswoman and music executive who is the Director of Artiste and Repertoire (A&R) at Mavin Global, one of the biggest indigenous record labels in Africa founded by Don Jazzy.

She recently made the headlines after it was revealed by Don Jazzy that his signee, Johnny Drille had been married to her for more than a year. The news made headlines, as many fans have been trying to uncover the singer\’s relationship status, which had remained a mystery until the recent revelation.

We’d be seeing Rima Tahini’s biography, date of birth, age, early life, family, education, careers, net worth, houses, cars, social media handles, and more.

Rima Tahini Profile

Before we proceed, let\’s explore Rima Tahini\’s profile and a few amazing facts to know about her:

Full name: Rima Tahini
Date of birth: 4th June
Nationality: Lebanese-Sierra Leonean
Occupation: Director of Artiste and Repertoire (A&R), Mavin Global
Education: Brandeis University
Spouse: Johnny Drille
Net worth:

Rima Tahini Biography and Educational Background

Rima Tahini was born in Sierra Leone to a Sierra Leonean mother and a Lebanese father during a tumultuous period when the Civil War had just begun. Due to the war, Rima and her famil had to relocate to another country. Despite the challenging circumstances, Rima showed remarkable resilience and a talent for languages, speaking four different languages by the age of seven as a result of living in multiple cities and countries.

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Her academic journey led her to the African Leadership Academy, where she excelled and was recognized with the prestigious Allan Gray Gold Prize for her exceptional business skills in 2012. Rima further pursued her education at Brandeis University, where she graduated with the highest honors (Suma Cum Laude) in business/economics in 2016. During her undergraduate years, she gained valuable professional experience in the energy industry, working in thriving cities like Johannesburg, Accra, and Lagos for reputable companies like Tata Africa Holdings, Endeavor Energy Holdings, and Symbion Powers.


Rima Tahini has an impressive career trajectory, demonstrating her expertise and passion for the music industry. She currently serves as the Director of Artiste and Repertoire (A&R) at Mavin Records, a prominent music powerhouse known for producing unforgettable classic songs and artists from across the African continent. In her role, Rima plays a crucial part in overseeing and managing all creative aspects of the label\’s artists, including music videos, live shows, and merchandise, ensuring the continued success of Mavin Records.

Furthermore, in 2016, Rima became a key figure at Kupanda Capital, where she played a vital role in fostering the partnership between Mavin and Kupanda. This demonstrated her keen business acumen and ability to drive strategic collaborations in the music industry. Her dedication and talents have earned her recognition as a member of the Recording Academy\’s 2022 class, further solidifying her position among Africa\’s most prominent musical talents.

Personal Life

The news of Johnny Drille and Rima Tahini\’s marriage surprised and delighted fans when the singer shared the announcement on his social media platform. The heartwarming message from Music Mogul, Don Jazzy, confirmed the union, which had been kept private for over a year. Johnny expressed his gratitude to his fans for sharing in his world and finally introduced the \”best part\” of him – his loving wife, Rima Tahini.

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Rima\’s personal life has been intertwined with her successful career, as she is now married to one of Nigeria\’s popular musicians, Johnny Drille. Their love story became a subject of interest to fans, given Johnny\’s previously private approach to his personal life. The couple seems to complement each other well, and their relationship has been a source of joy for their admirers.

Rima is multilingual and can speak English, Arabic, French and Krio.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Rima Tahini on:

LinkedIn: Rima Tahini
Instagram @Rimouuune

What\’s more? Thanks for reading along. Congratulations to Johnny Drille and his wife as they celebrate their one year together.

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