Steps On How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Nobody needs to tell how those Mobile Communication Companies rake in tons of Millions and maybe even Billions, just by making recharge cards available. This is literally the Information age of Course, and people want to be updated with the latest trends, every now and then (I guess that\’s why you are reading this post).

So this explains why the Recharge Card business is one of the Hottest and Fast Selling businesses in the Nigeria Market. Now the question is who prints these Recharge Cards that are in High Demand everywhere.

AIRTEL, MTN, 9MOBILE, & GLOBACOM, are Companies who hold major stakes in the Communications Industry in Nigeria, however, it may Interest You to know that these Companies aren’t the Ones in charge of Printing out this Recharge Cards in increasing demands Today.

In just a matter of moments, you will be getting to find out how they go about it, just stick closely, with your eyes glued to your screen as we unveil some key vital Information you may never get anywhere else.

However, at this point let me do a quick break down of the Production and Distribution Chain. In Nigeria, there are three options in the production/ Distribution Ladder of telephone (GSM) recharge cards, namely:

  1. The Direct Mega Dealership
  2. Wholesale/Sub Dealership
  3. Small Scale Dealership.

Direct Mega GSM Recharge Cards Dealership:

This is a Direct dealership/agency arrangement between the investor and the Network Service providers (MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE & GLOBACOM ). It is the most lucrative and rewarding but requires large amount of start-up capital. Hence, anyone who wants to venture into this Level of Distribution must have sufficient bulks to run it.

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These set of Mega dealers link up with the various communication Companies to purchase E-Pins in bulk, which are then Sold to the next level of Distributors.


This Level of Distributors is in direct Connection with the Mega Distributors. Those who may not have the financial requirements to be direct agents to the network service providers, come in here because It requires Minimal Capital to start up, Unlike the Direct Dealers whose start-up Capital weighs so much.

People in this Class are likely to be termed middle men or Intermediaries linking up the Mega Dealers with the Retailers, and Consequently the end users.

Small Scale Retailers:

This last group is involved in direct disbursing of Printed Recharge Card to Small business outlets or individuals. This Group is open to so many as it requires little capital to start up.

Interestingly, it doesn\’t have to be a lone business trade; it can come alongside other numerous business ventures. You can be into other line of businesses and yet still run a recharge card disbursing Firm to the end-users.

Now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of Printing recharge cards. Who actually Prints them, since we have seen that it isn\’t the Network Service providers, who then does?

The candid answer to that is \”People, just like YOU\”. It may sound out of place, but yes, you reading this can print out recharge cards yourself and sell without even having an in-depth knowledge of the Computer.

How Do I Start Printing?

It\’s Simple! Yes Way too simple to Start. Meanwhile, before we officially begin, there are some certain tools you need to have if you really want to venture into recharge business.

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Simple Tools You Need to Start a Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

  • Software
  • Printer
  • Computer (cyber cafe)
  • Internet access
  • E-pins
  • Papers (A4 most preferably)

The working operation of these tools will be explained in the Succeeding Sections of this article.

Easy Steps On How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

On this segment, I’ll systematically unveil the easy steps on how to start a recharge card printing Business in Nigeria. So let’s roll;

  • The First thing to do here is to get a dealer or Supplier who can Supply you with E-pins, depending on the Level of the distribution level you find yourself. (E-pins are actually the pins sold by the Network providers that come in an encrypted or coded format) you will get to know why soon.
  • Next step here is to get the Recharge Card Printing Software. This Software will be installed to either your phone, laptop or desktop Computer, and once activated, you can Use it to decrypt the encrypted (E-pin sent to your Email Account). Meanwhile, The Software isn\’t Free, it comes with a little Token attached.
  • So after acquiring the Software, what next is expected of You? Start Printing, oh yes get In touch with Your Dealer or Supplier and pay for as many E-pins as Possible, and when they are sent with the help of your Software, you can print as many as you want.


Now having read this article, just know and realize that you are on your way to start Raking in real Cash just Printing and Selling Recharge Cards. If you ever have a question to ask us, please kindly send us feedback.

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