Xtralargefoodnetwork.org: What You Must Know Before Joining

The Xtralarge Food Network is a networking platform that was launched by the XTRALARGE FARMS. It is more or less a ponzi scheme and you have to join and bring people.

www Xtralarge Food Network org: What Is It Really About?

The xtralargefoodnetwork.org is a platform for people who are interested in investing in agriculture. It is an initiative of Xtra Large Farms and you register with a minimum of ₦10,000.
On registration, you are entitled to an induction package of ₦2,000 and are required to register at least two people under you, after which you will make a referral earning ₦1,000 per person.

How To Register For The Xtralarge Food Network

To register for the platform:

  • The first step is to visit xtralargefoodnetwork.org/register.
  • Enter your sponsor\’s name or simply input xtralarge if you don\’t have any.
  • Fill in your names, age, gender, address, phone number and email.
  • Choose a username and password, then select account pin.
  • Enter your account details.

You will then accept their terms and conditions and the account will be created. You are not allowed to operate more than one account.

Is The Platform Legit Or A Scam?

On whether the platform is something you can invest in, I am yet to try it out. However, it is like every other ponzi scheme and I doubt if I can vouch for it.
Reading their terms and conditions, I came into this line;

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Members should know that their success in this program is solely dependent on them and the mentees they introduce into the program hence XtraLarge Farms is not liable for any loss of monies due to non performance of team members.

Did you see that? I know you will not read the terms and conditions so I had to bring that line here.
There are not many reviews on the XtraLarge farm investment online and I would have invested to write a review, but I wouldn\’t want to pass through the stress of inviting people.

XtraLarge Food Network Login

To log in to your account;

  • Visit xtralargefoodnetwork.org/login
  • Enter your username
  • Enter the password you chose when signing up
  • Click on LOG IN

You can also click on Forgot Password if you have forgotten yours.


While I\’m not here to give you business advice, ponzi and pyramid schemes will always be what they are.
If you can pull in people to register under you and grow in level, then you might give it a try.

Is it something you\’ve done? Drop us your reviews below and don\’t forget to share!

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  1. I am willing to engage in commercial crop, animal, fish and snail farming in Xtralarge Farm & Food Network. I am a registered member of Xtralarge Food Network since 2018.

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