Guide To Start a Profitable Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

The poultry business is one of the most lucrative businesses to practice in Nigeria. According to poultry research, Nigeria produces up to 454 billion tons of meat and 3.8 million eggs annually.

 Nigeria has a standing population of 180 million chickens each year. Also, about 60 million chickens are raised in semi-intensive systems. 40 million are raised in intensive systems. And, 80 million are raised in extensive systems.

The poultry business is the rearing of domestic birds for the production of meat or egg. The poultry business is very lucrative. However, one could incur a loss if not practiced carefully. This post, therefore, gives you some guides on how to practice poultry farming profitably.

Five important steps to practice poultry farming effectively

Step 1: Select your preferred type of poultry birds to rear

There are various kinds of poultry birds. Before you venture into poultry farming, you have to carefully select the kind of bird you want to rear. This is essential because each bird has its various ways to rear. And, also each bird has how and where to rear them. 

The most popular types of birds to the rear are broilers, layers, cockerels, and turkeys. Each has its unique way of rearing and purpose for rearing. 

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Broilers are majorly reared for meat production, layers, for egg for production, and cockerels for meat production. The difference between cockerels and broilers is that cockerels grow very slowly while broilers grow fastly. 

Step 2: Select the suitable location for your birds

Poultry animals need to be taken care of very well. They always require a very good location. For example, little broilers always need a very warm environment for their first weeks. If they are exposed to cold unnecessarily, they won\’t live at all. That\’s one of the importance of selecting a very conducive environment for your birds. 

Aside from this, you might need a location that is free from predators like snakes termites, or ants. These predators are capable of destroying thousands worth of livestock. 

In the same vein, predators could also be humans. Your location must be free of theft. If not, you might lose a lot of money in the poultry business.

Step 3: Proper feeding of the birds

To make a profit from your poultry business, you have to feed your birds very well. In the poultry market, much emphasis is placed on the weight of the poultry birds. This is because birds are often sold and purchased based on their weight. 

To achieve a good weight for your birds, you have to give them a quality brand of food and feed them with an adequate proportion of food.

Also, chicks often are vulnerable to contracting diseases. Not only that. They also contract diseases from one another, speedily. Therefore, you have to provide proper vaccination and medications for them. This will keep them very healthy and fit for profitable sales. 

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Step 4: Good business orientation

Sometimes, the problem of many businesses is poor business orientation. The poultry business can be marketed in various ways. You could sell to retailers, sell to food sellers, sell to consumers sell to frozen food vendors, etc. 

Each way of marketing birds could have its pros and cons. You have to think over it deeply and choose the most suitable to market your birds. 


The poultry farming business needs a very large Capital to start. If you are not buoyant enough financially, do not venture into poultry. If not, you might not be able to give the best to your best. This will depreciate the potential profit that should come to you as the poultry farmer.

Also, you might need to start your business very low and then, increase your scale. This is a very reasonable way of approaching a poultry business. This is so because there might be unforeseen circumstances. As a starter, you might not be able to handle these circumstances which may lead to having s huge loss. 

Lastly, seek adequate knowledge before you start your poultry business. Make adequate inquiries from experts and widen your horizon before starting. This will help you avoid many avoidably ugly situations.

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