The Expert Guide On How To Print Recharge Card With My Phone

The hustle never stops as Nigerians continue to explore various means to make money. The recharge card business is not a new one in the country, it started when communication networks began operation. Today, it’s possible to print recharge cards from your smartphone.
In recent times, commercial banks and banking apps have hijacked the business of small retailers. Selling recharge cards to customers through a mobile app has discouraged the business of selling recharge cards.

However, some locations still need recharge card sellers to survive. Not everyone has a mobile app or prefers to buy a card from the bank where the network could affect the transaction.
Printing recharge cards is not as hard as it used to be. The process of printing recharge cards before can be very strenuous. But with the recent development, you can start printing recharge cards from different means, including your mobile phone.

The internet solves it all, it makes it possible to get a softcopy of recharge cards online and then print it out through a printing machine.
If you are thinking of starting, you have just opened the right page. Let me take you through how to start the journey.

3 Steps To Start Printing Recharge Card with Your Phone

Follow these steps to get started.

#1. Buy ePins from providers:

The first step is to buy ePins from any recharge card pin dealer. You can buy any amount of your choice to start the business.

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#2. Sign Up With An ePin Manager:

You have to create an account with any platforms that can covert ePins to recharge cards. After registering with NetDivo, you would be sent a verification code for confirmation.

Any amount would be requested from you to complete the registration. Usually, it’s #9,500 for newbies, nevertheless, be prepared to make a payment within the range.
The price is bearable for a start-up business.

#3. Upload ePins:

After registering with a site, you can then have access to use the software to convert your ePins to printable recharge cards. When you upload the ePins on the portal, it comes back in recharge card form. You can either print it out through a printing machine or download it in PDF form.
After these steps, you can start your recharge card business with your mobile phone.

Requirements to Start Recharge Card Printing Business

Starting the business doesn’t appear challenging, but you need at least two things to start running your business.
The first one is a mobile phone or laptop to access the internet and start converting your ePins to Recharge cards. Without internet access, it’s impossible to commence and run the activity smoothly.

The next one is a printing machine to print out the recharge cards in hard copies. If the printing machine is too expensive for you, it’s not important. You can save the printouts in PDF format and go and print them somewhere else.

Plan How To Sell Your Cards

Recharge card competition is high in several places in Nigeria. Almost every retail shop is selling recharge cards. You need to know that, most of these sellers don’t print their recharge cards.

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They all buy it from people like you. Entering the competition is not a bad thing, strategize on how to subtly change the game to your side.
It might not start from the top, but with consistency and planning your income would increase.


This is one type of work that can make you money on the side. You necessarily don’t have to invest all 24 hours into it before you get a good outcome. You can make your production from the corner of your room, and plan on how to make sales within your environment. The advantage of this business is that you don’t need enormous capital to get the ball rolling.

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