How To Get 2GB For ₦500 On MTN

Surfing the internet recently can be very expensive with the prices tagged on data and its consumption. In the past few months, I have always been stuck when it comes to deciding on my next subscription plan.

I don’t know if we are in the same shoes, just read on to see how MTN 2Gb and 2.5Gb plans came to my rescue. After checking all the data plans on the MTN network, the next decision I want to make is to decide on which plan best gives value for the amount I want to subscribe.
Sometimes, my monthly subscriptions rarely bag two weeks before I get the notification that my data is about to be exhausted.

 know that happens to a lot of us that want to catch up with a lot of things online.
Checking Instagram pictures, WhatsApp statues, or even downloading can be very data demanding. But what uses is the internet if you can’t access all you desire? That’s why your phone seems useless when you don’t have data to browse.
Mtn 2Gb and 2.5 Gb have continued to save me and have given me much value for my data.

Benefits of 2GB or 2.5GB Data

If you take your time to do an estimate of the worth of ₦500 naira data from your monthly subscription, you would realize its way below 500Gb.
For example, if #3000 data is 10Gb, that means 750 is equivalent to 2.5Gb.
Are you just seeing it this way? Well, that’s the secret I found, so I decided to give a closer look into the 2GB and 2.5GB plans.

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Although they last for just two days, it’s an incredible plan if you do a lot of things online. So, let’s move to how to activate both plans.

How To Subscribe for 2GB Data

Buying this data plan can be done from your bank app, or directly from your MTN balance. You can check the option on your bank app and activate the plan.
But an easier way is using USSD.

Follow this process, and get it done.
• Dial *131# on your MTN line.
• Press 1 for data plans
• Press 1 for daily plans
• Press 6 for ₦500 for 2Gb (2 days)
That is all it requires, then you are on your way to enjoying one of the cheapest plans from MTN.

How To Subscribe for 2.5Gb Data

Unlike the 2GB plan, the 2.5Gb plan can only be found on the Mtn mobile app. Although, I seem to be the only one who knows that UBA mobile app also offers 2.5Gb for ₦500.

Nevertheless, follow this procedure to get 2.5Gb on MyMTN mobile app.

• Download the MyMTN mobile app on your phone and register with your number.
• On the homepage, click on “Bundle”
• Locate the 2.5Gb plan and choose your payment method.

How To Roll Over Unused Data

Often, your schedules and engagements may not allow you to consume the mobile data. You don’t need to fret; the data won’t disappear when it expires.
You can automatically get it to get back when you make another subscription of the same kind. Also, you can roll over the bundle when you set it on auto renewal while subscribing.
With an MTN sim card, you have access to a cheap data bundle and maximum value for your money.

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However, there are other top deals you can get by dialling *121#. The deals vary from one sim to another, but you would surely be amazed at the cheap rate you will get.

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