How To Start A Small Bread Bakery Business In Nigeria

The food industry is undoubtedly one of the thriving industries worldwide. It\’s impossible for people not to eat daily. So, the demand for food is stable and very lucrative. In Nigeria, the craving for bread cuts across several homes. Although, people have different tastes in the kind of bread they like. Nevertheless, the desire to eat bread as a snack or have it with tea for breakfast is unstoppable.

Starting a bread business is a great idea to earn exponentially in the food market. The possible problem you might be facing now is how to start. Or maybe you can\’t afford a gigantic capital to hit the town with your massive bakery. It would be best if you got your hand on a snack while reading this article.

A few steps will be mentioned below to guide your journey to start your small-scale bread bakery.

7 Steps To Start A Small Scale Bread Bakery In Nigeria

Starting a bakery business requires some steps so as not to jump the line. Small scale business needs to be handled with care when starting up so that it won\’t be drowned among competitors. Here are the steps.

1. Set a Plan

Planning is crucial in anything in life. Creating a plan for your bakery idea is the first credible step to be considered. Imagine you want to cook a meal, and you don\’t know the necessary ingredients needed to make the food. It would end up being a poor delicacy. The same thing applies to starting a bread bakery; you have to map out a business plan for your idea.

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There are questions you need to answer before you start. Questions like your goal, the cost, the price, the market, and the value you want to offer. No matter how small you want to start, bring out a sheet and outline your needs and your goals. With that, you are going to have a head start.

2. Source For Capital

Ideas are fruitless when there is no capital to materialize them. After starting with your business plan, you would be able to know the range of financing you would need to kick-start your business. Maybe you don\’t have what it requires to start actualising your plan; you can start by considering taking a loan. There are several options you could take to get a loan. You can request a traditional bank loan. Also, you can source loans from friends and family.

3. Rent or Lease A Space

After generating your capital, your next line of action is to lease a space your company would be operational. Your financial capacity would determine how big or small the space would turn out. Since you are planning to start a small business, you should liaise with your landlord on the price. Another option you could consider is using a space in your home. Many small-scale businesses start from a part of their home before renting a space.

4. Buy Your Equipment

Necessary things for a bakery need to be purchased. You need an oven to bake and some ingredients to make your bread. Your budget while making your plans should cover all your bakery needs. In addition, you need get materials for storage of your productions.

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5. Approvals

The food industry is a very delicate venture. So, there is a need to get approval from authorities before selling consumable goods to society. It would be very sad if you were found selling without approval. Such an act could lead to several charges or even the end of the business.

6. Employment Of Staff

Not even superman would engage in every activity that runs in a bakery without breaking down. You need a helping hand in running the affairs. You should consider including the salaries of a few workers for a few months in your capital. All your staff might not be experts at inception, but hiring and training them should be in your operations.

7. Marketing

No business flourishes without sales. Your marketing strategy should start when choosing your location. As a small business, you don\’t want to start by competing with established bakeries. Your location should focus on where you can easily reach customers and where the demand is high. Starting a small bread bakery a hundred meters from a giant bakery firm is a letter to struggle and eventual closure.


Starting a small-scale bread bakery needs patience and persistence, especially in Nigeria. You might not start making massive sales a few weeks after you start. That is why offering value is cogent in your mode of operation. The more you serve the people well, your business will grow.

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