Pius Akinyelure

Pius Akinyelure Biography, Age, Early Life, Career And Net Worth

Pius Akinyelure is a highly respected and influential personality in Nigeria. He is a Nigerian industrialist, businessman, administrator, and politician. Akinyelure is regarded as one of the most influential and respected personalities in Nigeria. He has made significant contributions to the Nigerian economy and society through his work in various sectors such as oil and gas, banking, manufacturing, and agriculture. His achievements and success have earned him numerous awards and honors, and he continues to be an inspiration to many.

We’d be seeing Pius Akinyelure’s biography, date of birth, age, early life, family, partner, political career, net worth, houses, cars, social media handles, and more.

Pius Akinyelure Profile

Before we proceed, let’s explore Pius Akinyelure’s profile and a few facts you’d love to know about him:

Full name: Pius Akinyelure
Born: 10th October, 1942
Age: 81 years (2023)
Nationality: Nigerian
Spouse: Mrs. Olufunke Akinyelure
Children: Banji, Olumide, Olufemi, and Olubunmi
Education: University of Ibadan (UI)
Occupation: Businessman, politician
Political party: All Progressives Congress (APC)
Net worth:

Pius Akinyelure Biography and Early Life

Pius Akinyelure was born on October 10, 1942, in Ondo State, Nigeria. He hails from the Yoruba ethnic group, one of the largest and most prominent in Nigeria. He attended St. Joseph’s College, Ondo, for his secondary education. He then proceeded to the University of Ibadan, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 1966. He later obtained a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Industrial Chemistry from the same university in 1971.

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Pius Akinyelure is married to Mrs. Olufunke Akinyelure, a lawyer and a former commissioner of justice in Ondo State. They have four children, namely Banji, Olumide, Olufemi, and Olubunmi. They also have several grandchildren.


Pius Akinyelure began his career as a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, where he taught Chemistry for six years. He then joined Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc, a subsidiary of the American oil giant ExxonMobil, in 1977. He rose through the ranks to become the Executive Director of the company in 1992, a position he held until his retirement in 20021.

During his tenure at Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc, Pius Akinyelure was responsible for overseeing the marketing, distribution, and retail operations of the company in Nigeria. He also played a key role in the development of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market in Nigeria, as well as the introduction of unleaded gasoline and low-sulfur diesel1.

Pius Akinyelure is also an entrepreneur and investor, who has established and managed several businesses in Nigeria. He has been involved in various sectors of the Nigerian economy, such as oil and gas, banking, manufacturing, and agriculture1.

Currently, Pius Akinyelure is a board member of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the state-owned oil company of Nigeria. He is also the National Vice Chairman (Southwest) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the ruling political party in Nigeria.

Personal Life

Pius Akinyelure is a fervent Catholic and a Knight of St. Gregory the Great, honored by Pope John Paul II in 2002. He is also a sports enthusiast and a golf lover.

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Net Worth

Pius Akinyelure is one of the richest and most successful businessmen in Nigeria. According to newsunzip.com, he has an estimated net worth of over $500 million.

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