Old Taker Meaning In The Street Way: Why Is It Trending?

I got into Twitter and the phrase, \’Old Taker\’ were sprinkled everywhere and everyone else seemed to understand. Why some of us got the meaning or at least what it might just be defined as, a lot of others are really not so sure.

So before I go on with some of the jokes, what does it really mean?

What Do You Mean When You Call Someone An Old Taker?

Old Taker simply put means someone that has formerly gotten paid the \’street way\’.
I won\’t be going deeper, this is what my source says.

According to a tweet from Nigerian superstar rapper, Erigga;

To whom it may concern the term “old taker” simply means “formal big boy”

Simply put, it means someone who had collected before and maybe run out of cash or something of that nature. I don\’t know for exact, regular street slangs don\’t really ever have rigid definitions.

Why Is The Phrase Trending?

Singer, Kaptain used the line, \’Well day must break again and old taker must take again\’ in his song\’, Gbese Gbese.
It was a kind of prayer point for people who have cashed out from their businesses and hustles to continue cashing out.

Twitter users however didn\’t take it exactly the way the artist would have wanted, and the jokes are there to tell.
Here are some of my favorite tweets from the trend;

Old taker don sell Ps5 say ‘life is not a game’ 😂

Okay @raycypherSf was not joking, but games are not jokes now haha. I used to think people were getting paid to game?

Dem Give Old taker ig take
He sell am take eat 😂💔

This one is from @Dahviesjay. If the former money finish, why you need to bomb again? That one seff go soon finish.

Old taker wan follow new taker play match, old taker say what type of insult is this 😂

Wait so Erigga what do you mean? Wait what?

Watin old taker do una self ?

Nwanne help me ask o!

New taker collect $2k he post never go broke again

#Oldtaker look am laugh.

Legend has it that he is going straight to the hotel haha! Young boy staying rich forever vibes you know?

Old taker burst cry for church this morning when pastor say ‘givers never lack’ 😂

Be like giver don dey lack haha

Whether you be old taker or new taker
You go cash out 2M this month, if you believe send me 3k

Person drop receipt say im don send.

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Omo the jokes are really long. Hop on Twitter, search for Old Taker and catch your own dose of the vibes.
What do you think?

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