Lamidi Apapa: Profile of the Self-Acclaimed LP National Chairman

Lamidi Bashir Apapa is a Nigerian politician and former chairman of the Labour Party, Oyo Chapter. He was reportedly removed in a resolution agreed upon during one of the party\’s emergency meetings.

People were therefore more than surprised when media headlines began spreading that Mr Apapa had been declared the national chairman of the Labour Party (LP).
Online reports however followed suit, releasing reports that the Labour Party didn\’t approve of any such.
The Vanguard in one of their posts stated that The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Thursday, passed a confidence vote on the embattled national chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure, declaring that he is still the chairman of the party.

While nothing much is known about Lamidi Apapa\’s biography, age, family, education and more, we would be updating the article as soon as we get more information.
The 2023 Nigerian presidential election however remains one of the most controversial and yet-to-be-resolved elections in the history of the country as the Labour Party candidate, Mr Peter Obi has taken the case to the court.

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1 thought on “Lamidi Apapa: Profile of the Self-Acclaimed LP National Chairman”

  1. This demon disguising itself as human is from the kingdom of hell, where his master with the name initials of an evil bird, dug him out from. It is not hard to discern evil. From the dark, smirky, nonchalant look on his face, you will know that he came to LP from pit of hell to steal, kill and destroy. But thank God their mission failed woefully. Glory be to God!

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