How To Become a Kings Oil Distributor In Nigeria

Selecting an oil brand to sell is a challenge. You have chosen a great brand if you are reading this.

We all love fries so demand for cooking oil is not a problem.
Kings oil serves as one of the best in Nigeria. it has also maintained product quality and acceptability. The beauty about being a King’s distributor is Devon\’s friendly policies.

Becoming a Kings distributor needs some necessary steps. These steps would be discussed in this article. Relax and note the details of how to exploit the opportunity.

Seven (7) Steps To Becoming a Kings Oil Distributor

Market Research

Market research tells you how viable selling kings oil is in your target market. A candy seller in a primary school will have more sales than one in a block factory. You have to know which market is profitable.
It will also reveal marketing strategies. Your approach to sales will go a long way. Your target audience has some soft spots. Market research will reveal them.

Market research exposes customer potential. You can not know how large your customers can buy or how much they are willing to pay by default. Market research will show you these secrets.

Market plan

Your marketing plan may be part of your business plan. It\’s good as long as you have one. Your plan should contain a list of strategies that quicken oil sales.
You have to look into the market and plan on how to make oil profitable. In the case of cooking oil, sales are faster in dry season than raining season.

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Selling kings oil involves a brand. This means you must work on Kings oil advantages. Fortunately, Kings oil has a ton of them. They are good quality, general acceptability and brand name.

Terms Of Distribution Agreement

Devon takes their contract of agreement seriously. You can not just become a major distributor of Kings oil. You have to agree on certain terms with Devon company.
Although their terms of distribution are friendly, you must still pay full attention. This is because their terms vary depending on the product you buy. Careful attention reveals terms that are against your will.


After a successful agreement of distribution terms it is time you find a place. Getting a space is easy once you do your market plan. You can rent or buy a place for the business.
Cooking oil are bulky goods. This means your business point should be a store or warehouse. Other smaller structures might not be able to perform the task.

You should locate your business in an open area. This will give access to trucks for delievery. An open area will also be easier for customers to find.


A ready location needs to be filled up. Order for your stock when your space is ready. This is the most challenging variable process. You have to track and oversee the goods.
Stocking as a distributor would cost you an average of two (2) million naira. This implies that there must be enough liquidity.

Have a list of product quantities before requesting for stock. Kings oil varies with quantity and product. You will need to order for different ones based on market demand.

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Hire Employees

You can not manage an oil distribution centre alone. It is important you employ good staff. The good part is most staff are contracted.

They work majorly when stocks arrive. Some of the permanent workers are Accountant, sales rep and security personnel.


Starting any business can be challenging. Oil distribution is not an exemption. Having a network makes the process easier. It is advisable you connect with other distributors.
Fellow distributors will inform you of urgent updates. The teething stage of the business will also enjoy supporters. This means crossing hurdles will be easier. Their experience will eliminate unnecessary failures and problems.


There are many Oil brands and distributors. You have to build intimate relationships with your customers. This way you can guarantee consistent sales. Customer loyalty will secure your buyers.

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  1. I’m interested in becoming a wholesale distributors of KING’S OIL I have the capital but don’t know where to start from can someone please help?

  2. I my name is yemi i need a kings oil ditributor insiden mile 12 market. My email address is, my phone number is 08038242998

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