Complete Business Plan For Pure Water Factory

Have you ever thought of having a pure water factory in Nigeria? You have not just thought rightly, you are also about to read the article that would help you.
The pure water company is one of the leading companies when it comes to consumption. Although we already have several companies producing pure water. The beauty in it is that there can never be too much.

The harsh weather in this part of the world has exponentially increased our intake of water. Normally, the consumption of water is necessary for everyone. But with the incessant hot weather in the country, buying a sachet of water to calm yourself during a sunny day is good.
Unlike bottled water which can satisfy the same need, pure water is inexpensive and very accessible. Almost every shop is selling pure water.

With all these competitions, do I still need to open a pure water company? Yes! How do I start? Follow these processes and you would be on your way to owning a pure water factory.

7 Steps To Start A Pure Water Company

Carefully follow these steps and you would see how easy it is.

#1. Have A Business Plan

You must set a plan from the start. The plan covers every activity you intend to carry out. Name your company, and map out the organizational structure.
Who is to lead who? Design the number of departments you want and how you want them to carry out their objectives. This stage is like drawing out a manual for your company.

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Your capital should be in serious consideration at this point, and your goals should be outlined. It helps you navigate the destination of the company from the start for a long period.

#2. Get A Site

The factory needs a favourable location. Producing consumable products is taken seriously. It would be dangerous to acquire a piece of land beside a company that deals with chemicals that are dangerous to health.
You would have a serious problem with NAFDAC, and your proposal might be rejected. In addition, the location must have proximity to your major market. You shouldn\’t consider a place where you have to drive for miles before reaching the market.

Your company would be at a disadvantage if people can\’t reach you easily.

#3. Get An Approval

Never think of jumping through this process. No matter how tedious you might have heard it is to get NAFDAC approval, go all the way out for it. If you do the required things, it won\’t be hard to get the stamp from the body.

You also have to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). They are the body that would recognize the establishment of your company.

#4. Necessary Material

You can start equipping your company with production materials. There are several of them to get. After getting a borehole ready, you can proceed to installing and buying other materials.

  • Installation of tanks
  • Installation of Distillation System for purifying water
  • Sealing Machine
  • Packaging Materials
  • Nylon for production

#5. Hire Workers

Employ experienced workers in crucial positions. You need machine operators and capable people in the maintenance department.
Although, you would still have to train some people to be able to operate the machines so that when some are leaving, their spaces won\’t be vacant.

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You need to employ people that would help in the packaging department. They don\’t need to be experienced to do that, they can be taught on arrival.
The marketing and sales department are also needed to take the productions out to customers.

#6. Power

A pure water factory needs a stable light. In an environment where you can\’t depend on the power supply, you have to create one for yourself. Getting a big generator to power your machine is needed to keep the power stable.

#7. Distribution

You don\’t just need people in the distribution department. You need to equip the department with a truck to move the goods around.


Starting a pure water factory needs a few million to have everything on track. It\’s advisable to save extra cash because it might take a few months before you start making a huge profit.

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