How To Start Jeans Business In Nigeria

Are you in Nigeria and you want to start jeans business? It is very simple to start jeans business, just relax and read this article.

Jeans, are a type of pants which are made of denim material using 100% cottons yarns which has been worn by the working class, kids and teenagers and served as a fashion statement among many others as well.

It serves as a fashion statement in terms of athlesiure and casual wear among many high end consumers as well.

It gives the convenience perk to the working class among offices which promote leisure work environment, durable quality which gives the Gen-Z customers the ease of puting it to wash after wears.

Moreover, the potential for this jeans manufacturing business can be defined and elaborated on the following purposes
On the basis of types of denim jeans;

  • Low waist
  • High waist
  • Skinny
  • Wide legged
  • Distressed/ripped
  • Straight fit

On the basis of colour of jeans

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue etc.

On the basis of type of denim used

  • Coloured denim
  • Stretch denim
  • Crushed denim
  • Poly denim
  • 100% cotton denim
  • Raw denim
  • Acid wash denim

On the basis of uses of jeans

  • To be worn during vacations
  • To be worn as casuals
  • To be worn at events
  • To be at work
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How To Start a Jeans Business In Nigeria

Below are a few steps to take and also consider in other for you to start a Jeans Business In Nigeria;

1. Get Required Capital:

We all know it’s impossible to start a any business without capital, so starting jeans business required a capital, except of cause you already have an aunt or uncle that is in this business that you can get clothes from on credit and payback after you have sold the clothes.

So getting your capital is really what you need here. How much do you plan on starting with? Do you want to start small and then grow the business? Or you have enough money and you want to go in fully.

The choice is totally up to you and your capital determines the bracket you fall in.

2. Purchase Jeans in Bulk:

The next thing after your capital is to buy the jeans. But make sure you are buying at the lowest rate possible for selling at a high rate. For example, buying an item of clothing at 2500 and selling at 5,000

3. Add Price Tags:

There is a reason why price tags are added to the displays of clothes at the clothing mall on jeans, shirts, boxers, under-wears, ready-to-wear natives and more. This is to make sure clothes are not sold mistakenly for a lower price. After bringing your clothes from the market, the next step is to add price tags to these clothes

4. Sell to Your Customers:

My best advice here first is to sell to friends and family because you need all the encouragement to keep on with the business. So meet your mum, dad, aunt, brother, friend anyone that you know likes fashion, falls under what you sell and sell to them.

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After exhausting all these people the next step is to go meet people you do not know which can be done by one on one approach also known as offline or online which I’m about to move to now.

5. Sell Clothes Online:

Sell clothes on Facebook! Facebook is still useful despite its ups and downs recently plus the fact that you might not need to run a paid ads (advertisement) on it if you have many friends like 2,000 friends above.
But then again the time and day you post these pictures determines gretly how far they will go.

Where to Buy Cheap Clothes in Nigeria

There are several places you can buy jeans for your jeans business in Nigeria, shoe for your shoes business, ready-to-wear for your ready to wear business, handbag for your handbag business but I’ll say it depends on your location (where you live in Nigeria).

But there are 2 major markets in Nigeria as regards buying cheap clothes for resale and they\’re;

  1. Aba in Abia state
  2. Eko/CMS in Lagos state

If there are other major markets in Nigeria that deal with the selling of clothes in a large scale please let me know in the comments below.

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