How to Start Hair Business in Nigeria

A quite overwhelming portion of ladies will definitely trade anything to ensure their hairdo always gets the weekly attention it deserves to constantly appear glowing and attention grabbing.

This alone clears the air on the profitability of the hair business. The hair business will never die as a local industry. Everything associated with hair will definitely command large volume of sales in Nigeria.

It gets so ridiculous with women who would want to give up everything else, just for good looks.

There seems to be this new aura that they walk in with whenever they have on, a new hairdo with numerous hair accessories either pegged, attached, hooked or woven unto the scalp of their skull. Very funny indeed.

But it really speaks well of the business, and so makes the hair industry flourishing with gains for persons about venturing into it like you are about doing.

With the proper touches and fittings, I can assure you that so long as you stick to plan and play your cards right, you will stand undisplaced as an authority in this industry.

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Having seen these, let\’s move on to the main business of the day. However, permit me to break it up from here into two main topics of discuss:

How to Start Hair Attachment Business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the term attachment, may convey diverse streams of thoughts however what mainly comes to mind at the mere mention of attachment is favourite brand names like Expression, Darling, Lush, etc.

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So in a definitive manner, attachments are strands of hairs closely held together, and cut into various lengths and then interwoven with the natural hair while plaiting or making braids.

How do I start it in Nigeria?

1. Get Grounded in the Knowledge of Attachments:

That\’s very important, not just in the hair industry, but also other industries. Take your time to learn all that needs learning in the industry.

Either from a trusted tutor already in it or from any reliable source, but truth remains that you must learn.

2. Analyse How You Want to Run The Business:

Maybe you are a good hairstylist that can set and condition any type of hair, then you may be considering running a salon alongside selling/supplying hair attachments.

However if on the contrary, you just want to have a store or shop where you are mainly into supplies, then it is still a good way to start.

3. Draft a Budget:

With the results of your researches above, draft out a suitable budget and pump it into the business.

4. Build a Relationship With Your Suppliers:

You are expected to connect with the various Nigeria based hair brands, above and building a relationship with them.

Maybe you are supplied directly by the companies or probably you are starting off gradually as a retailer, then the relationship has to be with your wholesale merchant.

5. Get a Store at a Strategic Location:

The term strategic is highly priced in the point above. It doesn\’t have to be just anywhere, visibility matters. Geography decides who you see and who sees you.

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As a result, you might be considering a location close to a hotel, a popular market, an events center and just about anywhere that will connect you and your customers.

6. Advertise Your Business:

In as much as striking it hot in securing the right location is important, you still don\’t have to restrict your customers only to people you see on daily basis around you. Take it a step further with advertisement, and as usual, it\’s not a pocket ripping expenditure.

A little here, and little there and you can be proud of what you\’ve achieved. Pickup that phone and notify your social media friends of what you do, Lay hold on the power of technology and use it as a powerful weapon in moving your business forward.

7. Start selling:

Oh yes ! what are you waiting for ? Start selling please. Take actions now and let the profit begin to roll in.

How to Start Hair Accessories Business in Nigeria

In a nutshell, hair accessories are hair related products that have a close relationship with hair. Therefore, their association with the human hair makes them undeniably important.

I\’m talking of:

  • Weavons
  • Wigs
  • Dyes
  • Hair scarfs
  • Hair driers
  • Hair conditioners
  • Hair lotions
  • Rollers and coilers etc.

The list is quite lengthy, but unto the next one.

How Do I start Hair Accessories Business In Nigeria?

1. Decide The Scale of Distribution:

The scale of distribution decides everything else. Choose that which is relatively comfortable with you at the moment.

2. Decide Your Capital:

The scale you are to start operating from greatly decides the size of your capital.

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3. Get a Good Location For a Store:

Having addressed the other matters, secure a good physical location, where you can display your products for all to see.

Emphasis is on getting the right place to pitch your tent and start making sales.

4. Publicise Your Business:

People every where has got to know what you do, so necessity demands that you find a way of letting them know. Take your business to them.

5. Grow Your Business:

I think this sums it all. Take out to invest and reinvest in your business, knowing fully well, that whatever a man sows that also shall he reap. Discipline yourself to save and watch your business grow in leaps and bounds.

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