How To Draw The Nigeria Coat Of Arms

The Nigeria Coat of Arm is the national symbol and signature of the country. Like other countries of the world, the National Coat of Arm is a representation of Nigeria anywhere around the globe.
The Nigerian coat of arms is the symbol of sovereignty, unity, and cohesion. It was adopted in 1975. The motto is “Unity & Faith, Peace & Progress.

This national drawing is not just a work of art. The functionality of every symbol on it has a story to tell about Nigeria\’s beliefs and drive. While \”Y\” represents the confluence point of River Niger and River Benue, every other symbol carries a meaning.

The drawing of the Nigerian coat of arms appears complicated when you see it. At least, someone who is not into drawing would see it as difficult. Carefully read this post to the end, and know how to easily find your way around it.

Symbols On The Coat Of Arm And Their Meanings

Before learning how to perfectly combine the text and objects, there is a need to understand the meaning and interpretations of each.

The Two Horses

The two horses resting on the shield represent the country\’s dignity.

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The \”Y\”

The two white lines are drawn to form a \”Y\” to represent the meeting point of the two waters in inland waterways. The confluence of River Niger and River Benue.

The Black Shield

Nigeria has rich soil that can grow agricultural produce. Also, it inhabits several natural resources that are sourced from all over the world. Hence, it could mean the natural resources that defend Nigeria.

The Eagle

Eagles are known for their pride. It\’s not just an ordinary bird. So, it serves as the pride of Nigeria.

The Flowers

In a nutshell, it serves as the beauty of the nation.

The Wreath

In addition to the black shield, the wreath further emphasises the rich soil in the country. It shows the capability of what the Nigerian soil can produce.

Unity & Faith, Peace & Progress

It is inscribed at the base of the coat of arms. It was remodelled after the old Nigeria\’s motto \”Peace, Unity, Freedom\”. It shows what drives the country.

None of the symbols are decorative, they are all serving an aesthetic function.

How To Draw The Coat Of Arms Step-By-Step

Knowing how to draw doesn\’t mean you would be an expert in coming up with the coat of arms in an easy way. The arrangement of these symbols has a way to make it easy and balanced. Follow these easy steps.

#1 The Shield

The shield should be drawn first. It would help to create a balance. All other properties in the Coat of Arms rest on it.

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#2. The \”Y\”

The \”Y\” is drawn on the shield. Draw a big \”Y\” from the right and left top of the shield and let it get to the base of the shield.

#3 The Two Horse

One of the toughest figures to draw are the horses. However, draw two horses holding the shield from both sides.

#4 The Wreath

The Wreath is placed at the top of the shield in an arc-like format. It serves as the placement of the Eagle.

#5 The Eagle

The eagle is standing on the Wreath with the wings spread out and the face looking to your left.

#6 The Flower

The flower is the foundation of everything. It serves as the floor for other objects.

#7 The Band Of \”Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress\”

The motto is the last inscription to be added. It comes with a band that holds everything together.


Although drawing some of the objects on the diagram might be difficult for someone who has not been involved in drawing. Nevertheless, assembling the text and objects according to the steps would ease the drawing of the coat of arms.

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