Hakeem Odumosu Biography, Age, Family, Education, Career

Hakeem Odumosu is the current Chairman Of the Anti-Corruption Body, EFCC. Nicknamed “Tango One” for his skill in flushing out criminals, Hakeem served as first chairperson of Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Enforcement Unit (Taskforce) and also the Commander of the State-funded Rapid Response Squad (RRS).

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Full Names: Hakeem Odumosu
Date of birth:
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Occupation: EFCC Chairman
Net Worth:

Hakeem Odumosu Biography, Family, Education and Career

Hakeem Odumosu, the newly appointed Commissioner of Police for the Lagos State Police Command, had an early life that laid the foundation for his successful career in law enforcement.
He pursued his education with dedication, equipping himself with the necessary knowledge and skills for his future endeavors. Odumosu holds a Bachelor\’s degree in English Language from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Marketing from the Nigeria Institute of Journalism in Lagos.

He further expanded his educational qualifications with three degrees from the University of Lagos, including a Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Security Management Operations, an Advanced Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration, and a Higher Diploma in Terrorism Studies. Odumosu\’s thirst for knowledge led him to earn a Master\’s degree in Public Administration from Lagos State University, and he is currently pursuing another Master\’s degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the National Open University. Additionally, he obtained an LLB degree in law from the National Open University.

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Hakeem Odumosu\’s career in law enforcement spans an impressive 29 years of dedicated service to the country. He began his journey in the police force on March 3, 1990, and has since undertaken various training courses to enhance his understanding and proficiency in police operations.

Notable among these courses are the Intermediate Command Course and the Strategic Leadership Command Course at the Police Staff College in Jos. Odumosu\’s expertise extends beyond his role in the police force.
He has served in different states across Nigeria, assuming diverse positions and contributing his skills to various communities. Notable among his assignments in Lagos were his roles as the Operations Officer in the Isokoko Division, Agege, Ketu Division, Satellite Division, and Area \’D\’ Command, Mushin.

He also served as the Chairman of the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences at the Governor\’s Office in Alausa, Ikeja. Furthermore, he has held positions of responsibility in other states, including Edo, Ogun, Kaduna, Nasarawa, Oyo, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


Hakeem Odumosu\’s exceptional commitment to maintaining peace and security has earned him recognition and accolades from numerous local and international organizations.
His dedication and achievements have been acknowledged through various awards. Some of the prestigious bodies and institutions that have honored him include Lions International, Batco Mandate Group, West African Student Union (WASU), Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria, Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria, Island Club, Institute of Public Administration of Nigeria, Junior Chamber International, and the Lagos State Police Command.

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These awards stand as a testament to Odumosu\’s outstanding contributions to enhancing peace and security in the communities he has served.

Personal Life:

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Hakeem Odumosu leads a personal life characterized by his passion for language and literature. Utilizing his expertise in English Language, he has authored three books that aim to promote English proficiency among the general public. His books include \”Principles of English Language,\” \”1005 Objective Questions and Answers in English Language,\” and \”The Price of Indiscipline\” – a drama book. These literary works reflect Odumosu\’s dedication to not only upholding the law but also empowering individuals through language education.

While further details about his personal life may not be readily available, it is evident that Odumosu\’s commitment to his profession and his contributions to society extends beyond his professional duties.

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