Ekene Umenwa

Ekene Umenwa Biography, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Ekene Umenwa is a popular Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, comedian, model, and event coordinator. She has been featured in several movies, including ‘Money and Blood‘, ‘Loving Help‘, ‘Dangerous Love‘, ‘The Circle Season‘, ‘My Final Decision‘, ‘A Dance For The Crown Prince‘, and many others.

As we unveil Ekene Umenwa’s biography, we’ll discover how she made her mark in the world of Nollywood, starting from a school theater club to gracing the silver screen alongside renowned actors. We’ll also explore her personal life, including her recent traditional marriage, and provide insights into her financial success.

Ekene Umenwa Profile

Before we proceed, let’s explore Ekene Umenwa’s profile and a few facts you’d love to know about him:

Full name: Ekene Umenwa
Born: 27th August 1991
Age: 32 years (2023)
Nationality: Nigerian
Spouse: Alex Kleanson
Education: Ebonyi State University (EBSU)
Occupation: Actress
Net worth:

Ekene Umenwa Biography and Early Life

Ekene Umenwa, born on August 27, 1991, hails from Igbo Ukwu, located in Anambra State, Nigeria. She spent her formative years in the company of her parents in her hometown, receiving her primary education there. Subsequently, she pursued higher education at Ebonyi State University, where she successfully earned her degree in Biochemistry.

Known for her captivating charm and remarkable talent, Ekene’s journey in the entertainment world has left a significant mark. Her remarkable performances in numerous films have led many to wonder if she’s a recent entrant to the profession. Ekene’s extraordinary skills have earned her a massive following across the nation.

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Her modeling career has also taken flight, with appearances in various fashion shows, TV commercials, and billboards. Additionally, she is a multifaceted entrepreneur, as she owns Ekyevents Confectionary, where she operates as an event coordinator and baker. Furthermore, Ekene boasts a YouTube channel named Palazzo Comic, where she shares comedic sketches under the title “Mama Ima.”

Entertainment Career

Ekene Umenwa’s rise to stardom can be attributed to her impressive roles in movies such as “Money and Blood,” “Blind Choir,” “Innocent Oath,” and “The Cab Ladies.” Ekene’s journey into the world of acting commenced during her high school years when she joined the school theater club. It was in this group that she honed her acting skills and discovered her passion for the profession. Her Nollywood debut took place when she auditioned for a role in the film “Terror in the Kingdom,” where her exceptional performance opened doors to numerous other film projects.

Although Ekene entered Nollywood just a few years ago, she has grown to become one of the biggest actresses, having appeared in several films that have garnered widespread acclaim. Her exceptional acting has earned her opportunities to collaborate with well-known actors such as Yul Edochie, Chika Ike, Stephen Emeka, Fredrick Leonard, Walter Anga, Chacha Eke, and Jibola Dabo, among others. Notably, her career as a comedian has gained considerable attention, thanks to her extensive following on YouTube.

Personal Life

In October 2023, Ekene Umenwa entered a traditional marriage with filmmaker Alex Kleanson. She joyfully shared the news through a video announcement, revealing that her bride price had been paid on April 16th, 2023. This news quickly became a trending topic on various social media platforms.

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Net Worth

Ekene is no doubt, one of the most successful Nigerian entertainers. According to rightrasta.com, she has an estimated net worth of $300,000. Her income streams include endorsement deals, earnings from her acting career, and other diverse sources of revenue.

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