Where To Buy COA FS in Ghana At The Company Price

You may be a resident or a visitor in Ghana and can\’t find your way to buy a COA mixture. It\’s not strange, all you need to do is read this piece and select from the limited options that you would have.

Probably you haven\’t heard about COA mixture, here is why It\’s popular. We all want to stay healthy, that\’s why we eat and take medications. COA MIXTURE (formerly COA FS) is a unique medicine that does not attend to any specific ailment. It\’s diverse in its functionality.

You can use the COA combo to prevent disease and speed your recovery from any illness. Taking 10 ml of COA mixture makes the body naturally absorb 161 essential compounds.

The combination has received accreditation from Ghana\’s Food and Drug Authority (FDA). This means it is safe to use. You do not have to be alarmed about ingesting a false medicine.

This article will cover a few places in Ghana where COA mixture can be purchased.

Where To Buy COA FS in Ghana

The nine locations in Ghana where you can get your COA mixture are listed below.

1. Dansoman

One of the best places to acquire COA mixture is the biggest estate in Ghana. Most locals refer to the area as DC. It is close to Accra\’s Takoradi district. You can buy a bottle of COA mixture eight there.

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2. Food and Drugs Authority

The best place to buy an authentic COA mixture is through the Ghanaian food and drug authority (FDA). They are the organization that manufactures and supplies standard medicines.

3. Mamprobi

Another popular dome for COA mixtures is Mamprobi. Finding a seller around here is easy. It is located in the south of Lartobiokorshie. The town of Mamprobi is well known in Accra. Meaning it\’s easy to navigate the area.

4. Interbank Settlement and Payment Systems in Ghana (GhIPSS)

A government organization called GhIPPSS is in charge of connecting banks and sales terminals for mutual use. To buy from GhIPPSS means using one of their many sales terminals. Ghana is covered in GhIPPSS terminals. Choose one and proceed with buying your COA mixture.

5. Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana)

The Center for Democratic Development is a non-profit organisation. COA combinations have been used to advance scientific projects. Both wholesales and retail quantities are offered for sale.

6. Banana Inn

The banana inn is in the hospitality industry. They sell a fair amount of COA mixtures. You can buy COA mixture at their hotel in Bandung, Ghana, along Chemu Road.

7. 2Honest Enterprise

The official distributor of COA mixtures is 2honest Enterprise. They sell within and outside Ghana.

If you order five (5) bottles or more, they will deliver your order for free inside Accra and Kumasi. They ask for at least GHS 20 to be delivered to other locations.

8. COA Research and Manufacturing Company

COA mixes are also available directly from the company. Wholesalers would benefit most from this choice. You can buy it for less price.

You can get in touch with COA producers at +233 (0) 591 -565 -778. If not, you can physically visit them at the UCC Credit Union Building, 1st Floor, Cape Coast-Takoradi Highway, Accra, Ghana.
9. MAC Cosmetics

COA mixtures can be purchased from the MAC Cosmetics store in Ghana. They believe it improves skin texture and looks. MAC cosmetics has a branch in Accra, Ghana, at JRCG+JJJ, Spintex Rd.

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It is worthwhile to buy the COA mixture as a supplement. COA mixture sellers are mainly in Ghana. This can make it challenging to find in other countries. But, for such an amazing herbal combination, obtaining one from Ghana is not a bad idea.

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