How To Upgrade Glo Sim To 4G

Gone are those days when you have to wait for minutes before you can open a page on the internet. The introduction of the 4G years ago gave birth to another era on the internet.
Today, several Asian countries are using 5G and are close to launching the 6G network. It\’s highly unimaginable how fast technology has been advancing our world and increasing the ease of living.

In Nigeria, our network providers have been unable to meet with top advancements in the world. However, Glo is one of the leading network providers in Nigeria that provides a 4G browsing network.

Some Glo users are still trapped in the previous 3G sim cards and are looking for a way out. This article is aimed to show you the easy way to migrate your sim from a 3G network to 4G network.

Why Do You Need A 4G?

For the fact that you are currently reading this on the internet, you need a 4G. Only people who don\’t use the internet can decide to exclude themselves from the 4G network.
If you are currently using a 3G network, and you think it\’s fast. Or maybe, it can satisfy your needs, you need to have a taste of something better. Some pages have a lot of images and text attached to them, a 3G network would take a long time to load the information.

In the case of a 4G network, it\’s almost twice faster than 3G. Especially when you are streaming a video online or you\’re watching a live video. 3G might distort the flow of the video, add a few pauses and even stop at times.
4G is created for that purpose and more. It helps to have online meetings without having to struggle to remain on call. It\’s just extremely too good to be avoided.

In addition, 4G sims can recharge faster than 3G\’s. The reason why you might not be winning a recharge card loading competition is that you are on 3G. Move to 4G and experience something faster.
To do that on Glo, follow these steps.

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How To Upgrade To 4G

Moving to 4G doesn\’t require any stress, as a matter of fact, the bulk of the work is done by the service provider. Your aim is to reach the Glo customer service and tell them you need to upgrade to 4G.

To do that, Visit any Gloworld, Sim Swap outlet, or Glozone. Glo has established several outlets across the country. You would rarely see a city without at least one Glo outlet.
When you get there, all you need to do is to inform them what you want to do, and they will get it done. Simple, right? Yes, that\’s Glo.

You can also reach out to them through their social media handles or call 121 to speak with their customer care representative. You can also place a call to 08050020121 to reach them.

What Are The Benefits That Come With The Upgrade?

Excluding fast browsing, Glo has packaged a lot of mouth-watering benefits for customers who have decided to upgrade.
You get a one-time 10GB bonus after upgrading. In addition, you would have 25% data bonuses on recharge within 500-5000 naira for six months.

Other benefits are also inviting. If you are considering upgrading your sim, now is the time.

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