Best Nigeria Investment Companies That Pay Weekly

For everyone, getting a means of survival is not always easy.

However, many people are oblivious that they can engage in some investment activities that will yield income weekly. 

There are platforms where individuals can engage in legal investment activities and get paid weekly. This article will discuss the best of these platforms that pay weekly. 

These platforms are stress-free and are legal, as many, if not all, are officially registered with the CAC. This means that they can be trusted and relied upon.

List of Companies That Pay Weekly


 The first on this list is Uber. Have you ever used an Uber on the street of Lagos? Uber is a big company that hashad it way to the core part of transportation in big cities.  To be part of Uber\’s investment plan, you will need a new car equipped with an air conditioner.

According to research, Uber drivers earn about 150,000 naira weekly. You compulsorily do not need to be a driver for Uber. You can get one you will pay to do the driving work. With this, you can invest with Uber and earn weekly.


Piggyvest has many investment plans for individuals. With piggyvest, you can invest some money and get the returns weekly. The interest rate is calculated, and you get the interest weekly.

Piggyvest has been in existence for more than five years. Thus, one can rely on the existence of piggyvest. There are many testimonies from people who have made money through this medium.

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We have already written down a complete review of Piggyvest, including tutorials on how you can earn from the platform. Kindly read it up by clicking HERE.

Trove investment app

Its another legit investment platform for Nigerians. Trove helps individuals to create wealth by investment. You can buy and sell shares and stocks. In addition, you can perform all these investment activities using your mobile phone.

Yes, you can trust the Trove investment app. The money transaction activities are carried out by paystack, Mastercard, Visa, and other popularly known platforms. 

With Trove, you can invest $10. You need to submit basic details like your email, BVN, phone number, and identification number. 

You can download the trove app on the Google Play Store and register anywhere. After registration, you can proceed to make your investment.

Bamboo Investment

Bamboo investment also allows you to invest and earn from your investment. Investments in bamboo are not limited to one country. 

With bamboo, you can choose which company you wish to invest in in the US. This means that bamboo allows you to invest in companies not in your country. All these transactions are carried out with the mobile phone.

Just like the above-listed investment platforms, you can trust bamboo investment. The payment transaction is overseen by flutter wave.

The least amount of investment is $20. To register, you need to provide your basic info. This basic info will be in the form of an image. You can earn from your weekly investment.


Getting money is not as difficult as it seems. You don\’t need to get stressed with menials or heavy labour jobs before earning money. All you need is the right info on what investment to do. 

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There are many investment platforms out there that you can earn with. The listed above are very important ones you can earn weekly. They are trusted, as they have been in existence for a long. 

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