How To Buy Data on MTN

Did you get the MTN sim and don\’t know how to buy data? Despite the network\’s popularity, most people still need to familiarize themselves with their magic code. 

Browsing on MTN is very fast, depending on your location and the type of phone you are using. The arrival of the 5g has made the network more proactive when it comes to internet browsing.

However, buying data to surf the internet is very easy with your MTN sim. In this article, I will show several methods you can use to purchase your desired data plan. 

How To Buy Mtn Data 

You can decide to use the conventional USSD code or make use of the internet. It all depends on your preference. Let\’s check some of the fastest ways to make that happen. 


Dial *131# on your phone to perform different actions on your MTN sim. After dialing it, a list of options will display on your phone. 

The code primarily serves as a means of exploring different offers on the network. But since you are concerned with buying data. 

Click on \”1\” to buy data plans. It will take you to the next page, where you will choose the type of plan you need. It starts from daily to quarterly. 

Your selection will determine the amount of data you will get if you have the required airtime. 

Banking App 

Every bank now serves as a retailer to network providers. The internet age has helped that to become possible. 

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To buy data on your banking app, login into your account and search for \”mobile or data bundle\” on the menu. It\’s often on the first page, so you don\’t have to open any icon before seeing it. 

Click on the data bundle; you will be asked to click on the preferred network of your choice. You can also buy data for others through this medium. 

Select \”MTN\” and move on to choose your data plan. After this, you will be required to type in your phone number before you make the payment. You have to be careful because if you get the number wrong, the data will go to another customer, which cannot be refunded.  

Online Banking Apps 

Online banks have increased their presence recently. The aid is easy and has multiple transactions, just like commercial banks. 

To Buy MTN data, 

  • sign up with any of the apps. 
  • Log in to the app
  • Click on the data bundle 
  • Select your preferred network 
  • Choose your data plan 
  • Type your number
  • Make the payment. 

The transaction will be successful if you have enough funds in your account. 


Never be stranded; you can always get your data when you have internet or when you don\’t. MTN has made it for you to buy data. 

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