How To Become A Romwe Model

Becoming a model these days can really be hard as anything you can imagine, especially a model at Romwe. 

The number of people aspiring for a slot has been on the increase for years. So, its a big contest to find a spot with such a company. 

However, this content will give you all the necessary steps on how to become a Romwe model.

What/who is Romwe?

Romwe is a fashion giant well known for its credibility and great reputation. Their headquarters is in China, and they have offices worldwide.

The founder of Romwe is also the founder of shien, a big fashion industry in China. Both brands deliver authentic and original fashion accessories such as bags, shoes, cloth, and the rest.

Being part of the Romwe model gives you access to so many opportunities, like access to original and class-one accessories, the latest fashion trend, and many more.

Requirements for Becoming a Romwe model

There are certain criteria needed for becoming a Romwe model. Check some of them out envision your chances.

 1. Must be good-looking and attractive

The sole purpose of a model is to portray a message which may be in an advertisement. The facial and body appearances are key factors. The model must be good looking before consideration can occur. 

 2. Above Age Limit  

The minimal age is 16. If you are less than 16, then you cant apply for a spot. 

3. Height

 For a lady, you should be 172 to 181 cm tall, while for a man, you should be 184 to 194 cm tall.

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 4. Must be an experienced model

Romwe isn\’t a small brand that is looking for beginners to train but an expert that will help them project the beauty of their brand. Without past experiences, your chances might be slim. 

 5. Have a standard portfolio online

It\’s wise that you should have a good social media presence before thinking of joining the Romwe model. Your online presence would increase the chances. 

How to Become a Romwe Model

The steps needed for joining the Romwe model are so simple if you meet the qualifications listed above.

 1. Get a product from Romwe fashion industry

 2. Snap a non-edited picture of yourself and the accessories you got from romwe.

 3. Send the images to their IG account.

Romwe Instagram account.


Romwe official website


Do not limit yourself or be bullied by other competitors. If you need to start getting yourself in shape, you need to go ahead. it might take you a couple of months, but it would worth the time if you eventually get in.

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