Alan Fisher Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Education, Career And Net Worth

Alan Fisher is an Irish chef and the owner of a restaurant in Japan, who made waves in the culinary world by breaking two Guinness World Records related to cooking in November 2023. He is known for his passion, dedication, and creativity in the art of cooking, as well as his love for Irish food and culture.

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Full name: Alan Fisher
Date of birth: 1988
Age: 35 years
Nationality: Irish
Marital status: Private
: Dublin City University
: Chef
Net worth

Alan Fisher Biography and Early Life

Alan Fisher was born in 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up in a large family with six siblings, who shared his interest in food and cooking. His mother was a home cook who taught him the basics of Irish cuisine, while his father was a butcher who introduced him to different cuts of meat and how to prepare them.

Fisher attended Dublin City University, where he graduated in 2008 with a degree in business administration. He was eager for new challenges and opportunities, so he embarked on an overseas graduate program that eventually led him to Japan. He was fascinated by the Japanese culture and cuisine, and decided to stay and pursue his culinary career there.


Fisher started working as a chef in various restaurants in Japan, where he learned from experienced mentors and honed his skills. He also developed his own style and signature dishes, combining Irish and Japanese ingredients and techniques. In 2014, he took a leap of faith and opened his own restaurant in Tokyo, called Kyojin Stewhouse. He chose to focus on Irish food and culture as the cornerstone of his culinary venture, drawing inspiration from his Irish heritage and the local produce.

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Fisher’s restaurant soon gained popularity and recognition, attracting customers from different backgrounds and preferences. He also participated in various culinary events and festivals, showcasing his talent and creativity. He was especially drawn to the Guinness World Records, as he saw them as a way to challenge himself and achieve his goals.

In 2023, Fisher embarked on a mission to leave an indelible mark on the culinary world. He set out to break two cooking-related Guinness World Records titles, the longest cooking marathon (individual) and the longest baking marathon (individual). He prepared for months, planning his menu, gathering his ingredients, and training his body and mind. He also received support and encouragement from his family, friends, staff, and customers.

Fisher’s first record-breaking achievement was in the category of the longest cooking marathon (individual), where he cooked continuously for an astonishing 119 hours and 57 minutes, surpassing the previous record held by renowned Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, who cooked for 93 hours and 11 minutes. Fisher cooked a variety of dishes, ranging from soups, salads, and sandwiches, to pies, stews, and roasts. He also cooked some special dishes for his supporters, such as Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, and Guinness cake. He followed the strict rules and guidelines of the Guinness World Records, such as having witnesses, timers, and cameras, as well as taking breaks and resting periods.

Not content with one record, Fisher went on to conquer the longest baking marathon (individual) with a time of 47 hours and 21 minutes, beating the previous record held by Wendy Sandner from the USA, who baked for 40 hours. Fisher baked a variety of cakes, cookies, muffins, and breads, using different flavors, fillings, and toppings. He also baked some special treats for his supporters, such as scones, soda bread, and apple tart. He followed the same rules and guidelines as the previous record, and maintained his energy and enthusiasm throughout the challenge.

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What makes Fisher’s accomplishments truly extraordinary is his unwavering dedication and stamina. He undertook both record-breaking events consecutively, spending over 160 hours in the kitchen with just over a day of rest between the two grueling challenges. He also demonstrated his passion, creativity, and skill in the art of cooking, as well as his respect and appreciation for his Irish and Japanese cultures. He received the official certificates from the Guinness World Records, as well as the admiration and applause from his fans and peers.

Personal Life

Alan Fisher is a private person who does not reveal much about his personal life. He is not known to be married or have any children. He is focused on his career and his restaurant, where he spends most of his time. He enjoys traveling, reading, and listening to music in his spare time. He is also a philanthropist who supports various causes and charities, especially those related to children, education, and health.

Net Worth

Alan Fisher is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. He earns his income from his restaurant, his culinary events and festivals, and his Guinness World Records titles. He also has some endorsements and sponsorships from various brands and companies. He lives a comfortable and modest lifestyle, and invests his money in his business and his personal growth.

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