How Long Does Addyzoa Take To Work?

Addyzoa is an herbal antioxidant that keeps the cell safe from damage caused by free radicals.

Addyzoa generally helps decrease damage done to the sex cell due to radicals. It also helps to promote the formation of spermatozoa, increase in sperm count, improve the motility of sperm, and generally supports sperm formation.

Charack pharmaceutical is the manufacturer of Addyzoa. The benefits of Addyzoa to man is forming sperm and reducing the damage done to the sex cell.  With that, there are no or low  side effects

However, Many people get confused about how long it takes to work after buying the medicinal drug. There is no definite time or period it takes to work. This is because many factors come into place when determining the time it takes for oral medicine to work.

Factors That Affect Absorption Of Drugs

According to \”Public health Nigeria,\” a lot of factors affect digestion and absorption of drugs, and some of the factors are listed below;

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Level of physical activities
  4. Weight
  5. Time of the day taken
  6. Level of stress
  7. Content of PH level
  8. Presence of other medicine in the body

Nevertheless, we can still presume how long it takes Addyzoa to work. According to, it has been observed that it takes about 2-3 months to see improvement in sperm count after taking Addyzoa. However, other studies have shown that it is possible to see changes in a lesser period.

Amazon customer reviews revealed the effect of Addyzoa. One of the reviews affirmed that men would start to see results after taking it for a week or two.

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Also, an article published by Public Health Nigeria asserted that to see improvement and better results, it usually takes 1-3 weeks to take Addyzoa.


 We can conclude that under normal circumstances, Addyzoa takes at least a month or less before its effects start getting obvious. We can improve the formation of sperm and also increase the effectiveness of Addyzoa in lesser time frame by heeding to the information below;

  • Do not put laptops or mobile phones on your laps
  • Avoid tight-fitted trousers and boxers
  • Eat less quantity of salt, oily foods, and spicy.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol.
  • Eat more eggs, almonds, garlic, and aloe vera.

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