How Much To Open A Small Bakery In Nigeria

It is no news that the bakery business is one of the most lucrative businesses, which is why we have over a hundred registered bakery businesses in Nigeria. This is because the bakery\’s profit is higher than other types of food enterprises. 

But what does it take to have a small bakery business in Nigeria? Are you passionate about baking? And you want to start a bakery business but don\’t know how much it takes to have a small bakery? Then, you\’re at the right blog post. I will take you through everything you need to know to start a small bakery in Nigeria. 

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Types Of Bakery Business in Nigeria 

1. Traditional bakery

This type of bakery focuses on producing bread, biscuits, cookies, and other baked goods. Bread is one of the easiest foods that Nigerians can get. So if you start a bakery that produces quality bread, you stand a chance of gaining millions of Nigeria yearly. 

2. Pastry bakery 

Nigerians love to munch on different types of snacks. Pastry bakeries specialize in foods such as egg rolls, meat pies, doughnuts, and puff puffs. Have you decided to have a pastry shop? Then, you need to secure a location and acquire basic culinary skills.

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3. Cafe and bakery

This type of bakery does not only has baked items but also has caffeine and tea on its menu. 

4. Specialized bakery 

This bakery focuses on a particular type of baked cuisine, e.g., cake. This bakery is very lucrative because there\’s always something to celebrate in Nigeria. If you\’re considering starting a bakery, you can delve into cake baking. All you have to do is get the necessary skills. 

How Much is Required To Have A Small Bakery In Nigeria?

Starting a bakery in Nigeria requires you to put into account the following prerequisites:

  • Equipment costs
  • Training costs 
  • Advertising 
  • Workers Salary
  • The cost of registering the business.

However, it has been estimated that in Nigeria, that starting a small bakery business will cost #500, 000-#700,000 with the equipment inclusive. It depends on how the machines you decide to start with. 

Starting A Small Bakery Business in Nigeria 

A Step-by-Step plan 

1. Have a business plan 

Before delving into any business, it is paramount to assess what it looks like because knowing how you want your business to look will give you a basic idea of its operation.

When opening a bakery business, it is important to ask questions such as whether you want the bakery to be physical, where people can purchase items over the counter, or an online bakery where you can order items online?

These questions will help you determine the size, location, and duration of time you want your bakery to run.

2. Register the business

This process involves registering your business with an appropriate body or organization. Since you\’re dealing with a bakery and controlling what people consume, you must be registered with NAFDAC. Also, you need to register to be an official member of the bakery association of Nigeria. 

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3. Secure a suitable location 

Location plays a vital role in setting up a business. So if you have decided to opt for a physical bakery, it is important to go for a location where you can easily reach your targeted audience. 

4. Employ workers

Just an individual cannot run a bakery business. Depending on the size of the bakery, you will need five to ten people. You can employ random people and train them to run a bakery. However, to reduce costs, employ people with first _hand experience in how a bakery runs. 

5. Purchase appropriate equipment

Running a bakery requires the need for core equipment. The equipment needed are:

  • Mixing Machine.
  • Kva Generator.
  • Bread slice/cutter
  • Hand gloves (for workers)
  • Ovens (You can get 2_3 big ovens depending on the size of tbe bakery).
  • Production plans.
  • Big tables (You can make it three)
  • Moulding machines 
  • Worker\’s outfit (Not compulsory)
  • Truck for delivering supplies.


It is no secret that the bakery is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria owing to the high demand for baked items such as puff puff, cake, bread, etc. Setting up a bakery business in Nigeria requires you to consider the bakery\’s size, type, and location. A complete dedication to these processes will serve as a bedrock in running your bakery business and assure success in the future. 

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