Zero Coding: Guide To Creating Stunning Websites With WordPress

When it comes to running businesses in this generation, a website is something you can never overlook. It is also better now because with anything less than $50 you can even kick off your website and choose to upgrade later if you ever need to.
The costs however get even cheaper when you learn how to build the websites yourself, as these things are relatively very easy.
Web development is a lucrative job of its own and as a company, has built over 200 websites both for Nigerian and foreign businesses in the past 6 months, and on average, it takes us less than 7 days to deliver one.

We charge an average of ₦100,000 for each website X 200 = 20,000,000. If you remove the hosting and domain costs, the profit should be more than half of the total cost.

👉 There are hundreds of business owners all over North America and Europe looking for affordable web developers from Africa.

👉 Several Nigerian businesses need websites and if you position yourself well, you will be getting tons of clients without having to leave your own house.

👉 With a website and free traffic sources from the internet, we have been able to triple profit for businesses and business owners in Nigeria.

In the Zero Coding course, we also will teach you how to position yourself to get clients from North America and Europe without having to spend on ads or even stress so much.
There are many website-building platforms but the most popular at the moment is WordPress. It is the best for both newbies and old developers as the site takes very little time to set up with maximum results and it builds the most beautiful websites.

Why WordPress?

According to Colorlib, around 810 million websites use WordPress as of 2023. This is roughly more than 40% of all the websites in the world currently.
Asides from many reasons, WordPress websites are very easy to build and you can easily get support online if you ever get stuck. Also, you can use their drag-and-drop features to build stunning websites or choose to work with thousands of templates which can be gotten for free from the same WordPress.

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Prior to the popularity of the platform, people used to spend hours playing around with codes to deliver jobs. An average website would normally take a month to be delivered except in some cases when the builders already have the codes and simply edit.
Currently, you can deliver a complete website in 24 hours and I\’m not even kidding about this!

Some of the reasons people always go for WordPress over other options include:

  • Easier to work with

WordPress sites are very easy to manage and if you understand how they work, you\’ll take it like editing your Facebook account or even setting up a YouTube channel.

  • Search engine optimization

With readily available free plugins, you can easily get your articles ranking on the top of the search engine results and this will help you generate more sales without spending on ads.

  • Flexibility

You can easily convert a blog to a social media and even a professional business website with just the change of a template.

  • Cost-effective

WordPress sites cost far lesser than websites built with codes because they are easier to build and manage. If you learn how to do this yourself, it makes life even far easier.

Types of Websites You Can Build On WordPress

You can build almost all types of websites on WordPress. Some of examples include:

  • E-commerce: You can create e-commerce stores on WordPress where users can add products to a cart and checkout with their cards or even transfer.
  • Schools: It is very easy to build school websites on WordPress and students can even take exams online.
  • Blogs: Of course, what is a blog without WordPress? It is very easy to build multi-author blogs on WordPress and make money when people read your content.
  • Shipping sites: Do you run a shipping company or want to build one for your client? You can easily do this on WordPress for free and even enable tracking of goods in real-time.
  • Vlogs: You can create video websites like YouTube on WordPress and make a living for yourself.
  • Business: Almost every type of business website can be set up on WordPress and you can sell anything there. It doesn\’t matter what you do – tailor, photographer, phone dealer, plumber, hotel owner and any other jobs.
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Why You Need A Website For Your Business

There are many reasons you need a website for your businesses and we will see a few below:

  • More affordable and yet better profit

With a website, you can do without a shop, yet it is far more affordable. There are thousands of people selling their products from their websites and Shopify stores without having to pay expensive shop rentals.
An average website shouldn\’t cost you more than ₦50,000 annually and I doubt you can get a shop in a good location for that range of price.

  • People Trust You More

People trust websites more than social media handles especially as it overestimates your business quality and commands authority. Most of your clients think websites cost millions to set up nowadays and while they may not be totally wrong, a simple e-comm website would cost far less.

  • Free customers from Google

When people Google for things you do, ie female tailor in Lagos, you will easily pop up if you optimize your website well with using the knowledge we will teach you.
All you need to do is put your

Why You Need To Learn How To Create Your Own Website

Asides from that as a brand you need to be able to make modifications to your website without calling or even paying for your developer, it also saves you cost a lot.
A developer can charge you $300 for something you will get with a hosting cost of only $50 and two days of work. This is because you are paying for their expertise, time and knowledge.

What if you get these things yourself? Asides from that, you can also make a living for yourself by creating websites for other people. This is a very lucrative side hustle asides from whatever business you are into.

Examples of Websites We\’ve Built

For people who are wondering what could be done, some of the websites we have built on WordPress include:

  • A website for selling children\’s stuff online.
  • Our web development brand\’s website is also on WordPress.
  • For a wi-fi development company.
  • A multi-author Nigerian business blog.
  • A Nigerian-based entertainment company.
  • Personal website for a Nigerian author.
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We have also built school and church websites, shipping sites and e-commerce websites on WordPress.

👉 Contact Us To Build A Website For Your Blog 👈

How Can You Learn How To Create WordPress Sites?

Normally, we charge ₦100,000 to teach WordPress site development, but that was before you read this post. (Are you not excited?)
We have partnered with Igbo Stanford Onyemaizuchi – one of the best PHP and WordPress developers in the country at the moment to package a whole course on WordPress development with Zero Coding for beginners and guess what, it is going for only ₦4,900 for Nigerians and $9.99 for foreigners.

Things You Will Learn In This Course

Here are some of the things you will learn from the Zero Coding course:

👉 WordPress Development for Beginners (Understanding Domain Names and Web Hosting)

👉 Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build WordPress Sites (With Screenshots)

👉 Site Security and SSL (Protecting Your Sites From Hackers)

👉 Free Custom Email Creation (get an email like free for life, normally costs $27 per year and every business needs this)

👉 Custom Email Redirection (Learn how to redirect all emails to your main email so you don\’t check it every day)

👉 Search Engine Optimization (Set up your businesses to get free customers from Google)

👉 Google Analytics Integration (Track your site\’s performance with Google\’s free tool)

And many more! These tutorials alone cost ₦100,000+ and trust me, you are not seeing these things on YouTube or any other free platforms, even if you put your eyes into Galileo Galilei\’s telescope!

What Our Students Have To Say

Here\’s what some of our earliest students have to say about the Zero Coding course!

Mrs Uju – runs a beauty hub


Emmanuel – He runs a business in Owerri and gave this review three weeks after setting up his site.


There are several other reviews but I\’m not adding more because for real, what are we even doing with them?

How Can You Purchase The Zero Coding Course?

To purchase the Zero coding course, you can pay the sum of ₦4,999 to our account below:

WebX Services
Keystone Bank

Please send a Whatsapp message to +2348163193775. 

Subsequently, you can pay via Paystack or on and download the course immediately.

Purchase on Paystack

Why pay a developer hundreds of dollars when you can learn to do it yourself? Let\’s make this money together, the sky is big enough for every big bird!

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