Expert Guide On Where To Sell Land Online In Nigeria

A lot of people have been looking for where to sell land online in Nigeria and this article is for you. The world is fast diving into the tech age and almost everything is online now. You can order food, clothes, accessories, electronics and any other things online, from even as far as China.
Some of the online stores you see source their products from other countries and ship them to Nigeria to sell to you, without even needing an international passport.

This means you can do anything you want online, and any products can sell.

Can You Sell Land Online In Nigeria?

When people hear of selling things online, a lot assume you have to place an order and it\’ll be delivered to you. It is however not always the case.
If you are looking for where to sell land online in Nigeria, every platform is a marketplace. Your website, the classified sites, your social media pages and even blogs can be used to attract customers.
However, unlike other things, your customers will need to physically inspect the products before they purchase. Will people pay for what they have not heard about? It\’s the magic the internet does for you, helping people hear of your products.

What Do You Need?

  • Good photos
  • A website
  • Social media pages

You need good photos of the land you are trying to sell because the eyes eat first, no matter how hungry you are. You will need a website because, among other reasons, it helps make your business look authentic.
The social media pages will be used to promote the business to potential customers.

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Platforms Where You Can Advertise Your Land And Properties In Nigeria

There are a good number of platforms where you can advertise your landed properties and lands for sale.
Some of them include:-

You can sign up on the platform to advertise your lands and reach potential customers. You will need to enter your company name, address, email, and phone number and fill in other details while signing in.
They will also help you get a free website for your business.

Asides from being a platform for cruise, news and bants, a lot of people are making their daily living on the Nairaland Forum. It is no doubt that it is the most popular online forum in Nigeria, and it attracts several thousands of Nigerian users every day.
These users are potential customers and can be converted into a market that will buy anything you sell, including lands.

This is also another website you can hop on to post your property-related ads for free. They have a platform for connecting buyers to sellers, and even have an application.

There are a lot of websites where you can list your properties for sale, and is one of them. You can advertise anything from houses to lands, anywhere in the country. is like the one I listed right above, and you can list your properties and sell them for free. You can advertise houses, lands and any other landed properties as you wish.

Thanks to their year-to-year adverts, Jiji is one of the biggest classified websites in the country presently. You can advertise anything on the world there and the website is well-optimised on the search engines so you will be able to get customers for yourself.

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While there is no guarantee on any platform, I will also suggest you run ads online as they will help you reach more people. People take ads serious and sometimes you will need to advertise to a thousand people to reach that one person who will make the big purchase.
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