Top 10 Untapped Businesses In Nigeria

Right here in Nigeria, there are business ventures, People don\’t know can yield much profit. \”Untapped\” in this sense means, they have not been explored yet, they exist but no one has created a business funnel around them, that is capable of raking in tons of profit.

They are untapped due to a few of these reasons:
• Lack of awareness about them.
• The mindset people generally have about them.
• Their primitive nature; in the sense that people consider them local.
• The Nigeria Market is highly competitive in nature for already existing business lines, but for untapped businesses, it is less competitive, congested and crowded.


Meanwhile, below is a comprehensive list of the top untapped businesses in Nigeria;

List of Top Untapped Businesses in Nigeria

Walk your Way into Millions engaging in these Untapped businesses existing in Nigeria;

1. Snail Farming

Are you surprised it made it to our list? Oh please don\’t be surprised. In the agricultural sector in Nigeria, snail farming has risen to a high demand.
Hotels other eateries have snails as one of the leading items in their menu, so that makes snail farmers potential millionaires, depending on their rearing scale.

2. Rice Farming

Smart and Intentional entrepreneurs can swoop down upon this and rake in tons of cash farming or selling already processed rice from Mills with their own attractive package and brands. They can even start exporting.

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3. Home Deliveries

You can start as a delivery agent for already existing companies within a geographic location, say your city or metropolis. But you can still grow unto founding and establishing your own personal delivery company, with branches everywhere.

4. Cleaning Services

In busy states like Abuja or Lagos, people are always on the go, 24/7, tied down with the hustles and bustles of the day, a cleaning service will pay handsomely, especially when it comes to people who are cut out for cleanliness.

5. Garri Distribution

Processed cassava (Garri) is one item that won\’t be displaced easily in the Nigeria Market.
Families are loyal fans of Garri, so also restaurants and eateries. You can make yourself a supplier to chains of families or business outlets that need Garri for their daily operations.

6. Car Wash

In recent times, the car wash industry has seen an amazing evolution into what now looks to be a mobile business venture, you can take anywhere, without the usual conspicuous shade people like to stay under.

7. Online Advertisement Agency

Anyone who sets up an online platform that links up people around the world is in for a massive turnover in the state of His finances. With the right online skills and management strategies, you can excel in this.

8. Event Planning Company

People will always organize events and programs, maybe you are that smart mind they are hoping to get in touch with for a well-planned event. With your team of like-minded people, you can actually build a Nationwide company.

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9. Home Tutoring

This does not apply to teachers alone, Caterers, tailors and other Skilled people can take their business into people\’s homes and tutor intending learners.

10. Gym Centers

Aside from the daily routine exercises people do, they still love to hang out around gym centres to have a feel of the devices available to maintain an impressive physique.
If you can meet this desire, then kudos, because soon you will attract a good number of people.


With a burning passion and desire fueling your actions from inside, I see no reason why you shouldn\’t be counting your millions in the least possible time, by staying devoted to one or many of these Untapped Business opportunities.

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