Tick Travel Insurance: Evaluating the Pros and Cons in this Review

Embarking on a journey to new destinations brings excitement, adventure, and unforgettable experiences.

However, amidst the anticipation lies the responsibility of safeguarding oneself against unforeseen circumstances. This is where travel insurance becomes a crucial aspect of travel planning. In our quest to uncover the finest travel insurance options, we delve into the world of Tick Travel Insurance, a company that promises simplicity and tailored coverage for every traveler\’s needs.

With a firm belief that acquiring and comprehending travel insurance can often be a tedious process, Tick Travel Insurance has set out to redefine the insurance landscape. In this article, we explore the company\’s core values, its parent company EUROP ASSISTANCE, and the extensive benefits it offers to travelers around the globe.

Join us as we navigate through the intricate details, services, and customer-centric approach of Tick Travel Insurance, shedding light on why they are a noteworthy player in the insurance industry. Whether you\’re a frequent flyer or embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, understanding the ins and outs of Tick Travel Insurance will equip you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision when protecting your travels.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let\’s embark on a captivating exploration of Tick Travel Insurance, unraveling the simplicity, reliability, and efficiency they bring to the world of travel insurance.

About Tick Travel Insurance

Tick Travel Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of EUROP ASSISTANCE, which is a part of the global Generali Group. With a presence in over 200 countries, EUROP ASSISTANCE boasts a vast network of more than 750,000 assistance providers. Every year, they handle an average of 10 million assistance interventions, supporting travelers worldwide. In 2019 alone, EUROP ASSISTANCE provided aid to 1.2 million travelers, according to the official website.

As a subsidiary of the Generali Group, EUROP ASSISTANCE is part of one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers. Established in 1831, Generali operates in 50 countries worldwide, with over 72,000 dedicated employees serving 65.9 million customers.

Tick Travel Insurance understands that searching for travel insurance and trying to comprehend its intricacies can often be a tedious task. That\’s why we prioritize simplicity. Our goal is to eliminate the confusion and complexity surrounding travel insurance, providing you with coverage that suits your needs and holiday plans.

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Benefits of using Tick Travel Insurance

  • Medical & Hospital Benefits: Tick Travel Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and hospitalization while traveling. This ensures that you are financially protected in the event of an unexpected illness, injury, or medical emergency during your trip.
  • Emergency Costs: In case of unforeseen emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents, or political unrest, Tick Travel Insurance covers the additional expenses incurred for emergency accommodation, transport, and alternative travel arrangements.
  • Cancellations, Curtailments & Journey Resumptions: Tick Travel Insurance offers coverage for trip cancellations or curtailments due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury, or other valid reasons. They also provide assistance in resuming your journey if it was interrupted.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Tick Travel Insurance understands the importance of addressing pre-existing medical conditions. Depending on the policy, they may provide coverage for certain pre-existing medical conditions, ensuring peace of mind while traveling.
  • Travel Delay Expenses: If your trip is delayed due to reasons beyond your control, such as flight cancellations or severe weather conditions, Tick Travel Insurance covers additional expenses like accommodation and meals during the delay.
  • Baggage & Valuables: Tick Travel Insurance provides coverage for loss, theft, or damage to your baggage and personal belongings while traveling. This ensures that you are financially protected if your belongings are lost or damaged during your trip.
  • Baggage Delays: In case your checked-in baggage is delayed for a certain period of time, Tick Travel Insurance offers reimbursement for essential items such as clothing and toiletries, providing temporary relief until your baggage is delivered.
  • Passports & Money: Tick Travel Insurance offers assistance and coverage in case of lost or stolen passports, as well as coverage for loss or theft of money while traveling.
  • Personal Accident & Loss of Income: Tick Travel Insurance provides coverage for personal accidents resulting in injury, disability, or loss of life during your trip. They may also offer coverage for loss of income due to an accident while traveling.
  • Personal Liability: In the event that you accidentally cause injury to someone else or damage their property while traveling, Tick Travel Insurance offers coverage for personal liability claims, protecting you from potential financial burdens.
  • Pet Care: If you are traveling with a pet and require emergency veterinary treatment or additional expenses for pet care, Tick Travel Insurance may provide coverage for such situations.
  • Excesses: Tick Travel Insurance may have excesses or deductibles that apply to certain sections of your policy. This means that you may be responsible for a certain amount of the claim before the insurance coverage comes into effect.
  • Rental Vehicle Excess Waiver: If you plan to rent a vehicle during your trip, Tick Travel Insurance may offer a rental vehicle excess waiver, which covers the excess or deductible amount you would be liable for in case of damage or theft of the rental vehicle.
  • Children & Dependents: Tick Travel Insurance understands the importance of family travel. They may provide coverage specifically tailored to children and dependents, ensuring their well-being and protection during the trip.
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Tick Travel Insurance Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • Affordable: Tick Travel Insurance offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable option for travelers seeking comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank. This ensures that you can protect your trip without straining your budget.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Tick Travel Insurance provides extensive coverage options that encompass various aspects of travel, including medical expenses, trip cancellations, baggage protection, personal liability, and more. This comprehensive coverage gives travelers peace of mind, knowing that they are financially protected against unforeseen circumstances.
  • 24/7 claims hotline: Tick Travel Insurance offers a dedicated claims hotline that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This ensures that you can reach out for assistance and file claims at any time, regardless of your location or time zone, providing convenience and prompt support when needed.
  • Good customer service: Tick Travel Insurance prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are trained to assist customers with any inquiries, concerns, or claims throughout their travel insurance journey. This ensures a positive and hassle-free experience for policyholders.


  • Can be slow to process claims: One potential downside of Tick Travel Insurance is that the claims process may sometimes take longer than expected. Delays can occur due to various factors, including the need for additional documentation or verification. While they strive for efficient claims processing, some customers may experience delays.
  • Some exclusions may apply: Like any insurance policy, Tick Travel Insurance has certain exclusions and limitations outlined in the terms and conditions. It\’s important for travelers to carefully review these exclusions to fully understand the scope of coverage. Some specific scenarios or activities may not be covered, and it\’s essential to be aware of these limitations.
  • Not available in all countries: Tick Travel Insurance may not be available in every country worldwide. Travelers should check if the coverage is applicable to their specific destination before purchasing a policy. It\’s recommended to verify the availability and terms of coverage for the intended travel location to ensure suitability.
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How To Use Tick Travel Insurance

Here are the steps on how to use Tick Travel Insurance:

  • Go to the Tick Travel Insurance website and create an account.
  • Select the type of travel insurance you need.
  • Enter your travel details, including your destination, dates of travel, and mode of transportation.
  • Choose the level of coverage you want.
  • Pay for your policy.
  • Download and print your policy.
  • Once you have purchased your policy, you will be covered for any unforeseen events that may occur during your trip. If you need to make a claim, you can do so by contacting Tick Travel Insurance\’s 24/7 claims hotline.

Tick Travel Insurance Contact

Website: tickinsurance.com.au
Email: complaints@tickinsurance.com.au (Complaints), assistance@tickinsurance.com.au (Emergencies & Claims)
Phone: +612 9333 3963
Tick Insurance Australia
Suite 1.04, Level 1, 19 Harris Street
Pyrmont, 2009 Sydney NSW


Tick Travel Insurance stands out as a reliable and affordable option for travelers seeking comprehensive coverage and peace of mind during their journeys. With competitive pricing, extensive coverage options, and a dedicated 24/7 claims hotline, they strive to provide excellent customer service and support.

While there may be some drawbacks, such as potential delays in claims processing and certain exclusions, Tick Travel Insurance\’s commitment to customer satisfaction remains strong. By thoroughly reviewing the policy terms and conditions and understanding the coverage limitations, travelers can make well-informed decisions and tailor their insurance plans accordingly.

If you have had experience with Tick Travel Insurance, we encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback by leaving a review in the comments section below. Your valuable insights can assist fellow travelers in making informed decisions and provide valuable feedback to the company.

Remember, travel insurance is an essential aspect of trip planning, offering protection and financial security when unforeseen circumstances arise. Consider Tick Travel Insurance as a viable option, and don\’t forget to share your experiences to help others in their insurance decision-making process. Safe travels!

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