How To Set Up Stripe As A Non-US Resident

When it comes to doing business online, receiving your payment is one of the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs especially people from countries like Nigeria and Ghana. It is no news that there is a limit to countries that can receive money online through PayPal and Stripe, which are two of the most popular payment methods.
This has affected bloggers, digital marketers, dropshippers and other Africans who want to make a living online.

Crypto is also not an option, the market is very unstable and my target market were not that crypto-enlightened. Almost every online platform I signed up for – from Fiverr to Medium needed a PayPal or Stripe account and then, it dawned on me I needed to find a solution.

My Story Receiving Money As A Nigerian Web Developer

I am a Nigerian-based web developer, and a majority of my clients are from North America and Europe. Receiving my payment was a major issue because we cannot receive via PayPal and the major African-based payment processors are not able to process foreign cards.
Imagine spending thousands of Naira on ads only for your payment processor to decline their cards. I was getting the feedback that they couldn\’t pay a lot and it really set me back.

At a point I had to source for a PayPal dealer through referrals and that\’s story for another day. I began looking for solutions online and eventually ran into a Nigerian digital marketer who was running a class on how to set up a Stripe account as a Nigerian.
I saw the reviews and joined the class, did everything he taught and my account became completely set up. I began using it to send invoices and receive money immediately.

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I am also able to withdraw straight to my Nigerian bank account, which is a major necessity because of the recent CBN policies concerning receiving foreign transactions to your local bank account.


This is a withdrawal I placed while writing this article. Stripe is popular because your clients do not need to have an account to make payment, unlike PayPal.

The class was however expensive and not exactly someone I would have considered if I didn\’t have my money hanging here and there.
I have been using the account to receive money ever since then and withdraw to my Nigerian account without having to stress with any third-party agents.

Why You Need A Stripe Account

Some of the reasons you need a Stripe account include:

✔️ Receive payment from clients, even when you are sleeping.

✔️ Foreigners trust it because they know you cannot see their payment details.

✔️ Setting up of the account is very easy and free.

✔️ It is more flexible than PayPal because you do not need to own an account to be able to use it.

What You Need To Set Up A Stripe Account As A Nigerian or Ghanaian

As a non-US resident, some of the things you need to set up your Stripe account include:

  • United States registered business
  • US Address
  • US Phone Number
  • SSN
  • Tax ID

Normally, you will need to be in the US or have someone there to access all these, but that is a thing of the past!

I have set up a complete guideline to help anyone interested in owning a Stripe account do it right from the comfort of their home, without any stress and trust me, it\’s like never before!

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What This Guide Will Cover

In this tutorial, I will be guiding you with screenshots on the step-by-step guide on how you will be able to:

➜ Register a business in the United States and get all the documents right to your comfort in Nigeria or Ghana

➜ Get an address and phone number in the US to run your business online

➜ Set up a Stripe account that can receive money from any country in the world

➜ Withdraw your money from Stripe straight to your local bank account

As a bonus, you will also learn how to get a free US bank account to withdraw your money to any part of the world!

I paid ₦30,000 to learn all these things but because I just sold fifty copies, I am reducing it to ₦2,000 for only 25 people after which it will return to ₦10,000.

Who Needs This Course?

Well, the first is you who has read it up to this point! Are you into e-commerce, dropshipping, digital marketing, web development, blogging or anything else?
You need to create your Stripe account real quick while these processes are working! It might get tougher in the future and trust me, you won\’t want that.

Will you rather pay ₦2,000 for it now or wait till you are desperate and maybe then… I have taken it down?
Set up your own account, even if you don\’t need it at the moment and focus on getting clients to yourself!

How To Order The Tutorial

To order the Stripe for non-US Residency course, you can pay the sum of ₦2,000 to our account below:

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WebX Services
Keystone Bank

Please send a Whatsapp message to +2348163193775 and it will be sent to you. 

Subsequently, you can pay via Paystack and download the course immediately.

Purchase on Paystack

Update: The Stripe for non-US Residents course is now available on You can access it by clicking here.

Why stress over payment methods when you can set up a Stripe account and withdraw your money straight to your local bank account? Drop me any comments you have and let\’s grow our careers together!

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