Review: LEGIT or BIG SCAM? Read This Now is a platform that claims to help people make money by trading on arbitrage. Is Cotps a legitimate company? Is Cotps a pyramid scheme? What is it all about? We will be seeing everything you need to know before signing up.

Arbitrage: What Is It About And Can You Make Money From It?

Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of the same asset in different markets to profit differences in prices on the different platforms.
Take for instance, bitcoin is $25,210 on exchanger one and $25,600 on exchanger two. You can buy from the first and sell on the second to make profit from these differences.

Cotps: What Is It About? is a platform that promises users that they can make money from arbitrating through them.
According to a review on, you can earn up to 3.6% of your investment daily, and the United States government licenses them.

COTP simply stands for Cryptos Over the Trading Platform and they say they use artificial intelligence to automatically buy crypto at low prices and sell them off for higher.

Some of the things they promise include:-

  • 3.6% ROI per day
  • You can start with as low as $10
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • No referral bonuses (so you probably won\’t need referrals to withdraw)
  • Active customer service
  • Has been running for over 2 years
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Our checks confirm the official domain name was registered in 2019, however, we didn\’t get to hear of it until recently. There are online reports it was launched 2021, and if this is true it means they purchased the domain and parked if before the main launch.

Who Is The Founder Of Cotps?

The founder of the platform is reportedly known as Mars Brown, which sounds more like a screen name to me.
Why would you launch a platform like this and choose to hide behind the screen or remain anonymous? That\’s a red alert!

How To Fund Your Cotps Account

To fund your account, you\’ll transfer a minimum of $10 to a USDT wallet provided on the platform. They promise a monthly return on on investment and you will get to collect back your capital.

Why Do I Think The Platform Is Scam?

There is a popular saying that if it looks too good to be true, it definitely isn\’t. The ROI the platform promises is not so realistic, and they are too manual for a platform that promises AI will trade your token.
I have also seen two websites, and There are no proofs of actual trades or returns on investments and they actually don\’t show you how exactly these profits are generated.

Simply make a deposit, the money is traded and you get your profit within two hours. It sounds more like a money spinner.

Also, users need to purchase coins from outside and then they send it to the provided wallet. Shouldn\’t a legit website or platform provide methods to buy with credit card, PayPal and transfer?
Asides that, the founders are not known and the name I saw is looking more like something anyone could form.

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While we are all looking for ways to make money online, it is very essential we don\’t get to loose what we have. This is a personal review and I advise you do your own researches well.

Have you withdrawn from the platform? What are your reviews? Drop your comments and don\’t forget to share.

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  1. I urge people to stay away from fake investment  platforms and not risk their hard-earned money,  Report scam to google to recoup your funds like I did. They helped me with my withdrawal problem.

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