5 Marketing Tips To Spice Up Your Restaurant Business

Proven strategies for you to apply, to spice up your Restaurant Business in Nigeria.

Every business venture has it\’s own strategies that makes it flourish and thrive in a specific location and time.

The Restaurant Business is not left out too, there are smart ideas you must seek to know and apply to give your restaurant business a big boost.

With it\’s competitive nature, it requires that one actually comes in battle ready with ideas and tips to stay relevant, else he may be forced to quit too soon.This is so because, there is rarely no physical location you walk into without seeing chains of restaurants all lined up, so restaurants are everywhere.

How do I make mine stand out ? How do I add that extra ginger to boost and Spice up my restaurant business?

If that\’s your question, fret not, for your eyes shall behold great wonders, if only you keep reading.

We have gathered as much informations you need for your restaurant business to blossom.

5 Powerful Things To Do In Other To Spice Up Your Restaurant Business

These ideas could be cost demanding, while others could just require you to think outside the box, and make your restaurant business the talk of Town.

Here they come;

1. Providing Extra Offers:

Everybody loves it when they get to have more upon order, it closely knits their hearts to what ever you are offering, and they may be forced not to buy from anyone else apart from you.

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They\’d always remember that extra treat as something worth looking forward to. Maybe a drought in sales could inspire this gesture.

Now let\’s say, a bottle of liquor, maybe coke, is an attachment you give with every food purchase. That\’d spur people to buy more, and probably attract more other customers.

This extra offers, works perfectly fine in festive seasons, where the gesture could be seen as a complimentary one. However, this should not make one incure unnecessary, wisdom should guide this.

2. Stable Pricing

The cost of items in your restaurant influences your overall profit maximization.

However, pricing is influenced by quite a number of things which includes;

  • Location
  • Target Customers
  • Level of Compensation and many more.

Hence in all, you should still look for a way to price your items and still close in a great deal of Profit.

For example; a restaurant in a student area, and that in a clean cut posh area of elites, will never look alike. So price right, and still make Profit.

3. Creativity in Combining Meals

The right word for it is combo meals, it is one of the best ways to attract and keep customers, especially for those who do not want to stretch it hard on their pockets. It involves selecting top-selling lunch items and pairing them along a popular side dish and beverage. Couple burgers with french fries and cold drinks is an example of this simple combos. The outcome is that you\’d sell off fast selling goods and slow selling goods, quickly and easily.

4. Creating a Pleasant Scenero

For most people who desire to dine in restaurants during leisure, their major interest is a neat and well articulated environment, where they can escape or pull out a little from all the hustle and bustles of the outside world.

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If you can offer that, then that\’s an excellent way to spice up your restaurant business. A soft playing music in the background, with thick curtains shielding direct reflection of the sun and maybe some nice colour blend of lights can make your restaurant an enchanting experience for customers.

5. Mode of Dressing & Expression

Dressing mode and manner of expression of staff members, is a pointer that you know for sure why you are in business.

From the janitor to the receptionists to the chefs and unto the top hierarchy of staff, dressing and manner of expression matters a great deal in making your restaurant a wonderful place to be.


There are many strategies not mentioned here, yet up for grasp, if you are open to learning. However it doesn\’t all end at acquisition of knowledge, start applying.

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