RAVETOK Review: SCAM or LEGIT And Everything To Know

Ravetok is another platform promising us easy cash n exchange for tasks.

We have seen a lot of these types of platforms come and go. And now you would want to know if Ravetok means business or is just another scam.

Before investing in Ravetok, it is very important to find out from a credible source like this if the platform is legit or not. Investing in a platform without proper knowledge can make you lose a fortune. I am sure you don’t even wish to lose a penny.

In this article, I will mention everything I know about Ravetok and its reliability. Note that this is not meant to promote or defame Ravetok. It is an honest review based on the information gathered. 

What Is Ravetok All About?

You must have heard of cryptocurrencies from one place or another. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized exchange platform. They have descriptions as digital currency. However, this “digital currency” is sold for legal tenders.

Ravetok is a platform that rewards you in cryptocurrencies for completing tasks on its website. With the way Ravetok works, the more active you are, the more cryptocurrencies you can get. This kind of activity among crypto earners is referred to as miners.

Before joining Ravetok, you will be required to pay a (token) registration fee depending on how much activity you want to do to earn cryptocurrency. 

Packages on Ravetok

Pulse Package

Regstraton fee- 4000 Naira

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Referral earning-1800 Naira

Level 2 commission- 150 Naira

Mining earning-120 Naira

Time on site- 2 hours

Airdrop earning- 400 Naira

Switch Package

Regstraton fee-6000 Naira

Referral earning- 2800 Naira

Level 2 commission- 300 Naira

Mining earning-220 Naira

Time on site- 2 hours

Airdrop earning-700 Naira

Magnum Package

Registraton fee- 12000 Naira

Referral earning- 5,950 Naira

Level 2 commission- 500 Naira

Mining earning- 2800 Naira 

Time on site- 24 hours

Airdrop earning- 1000 Naira

How To Register on Ravetok

  • Visit Ravetok’s official website.
  • Contact a membership pin vendor to buy your package pin.
  • After successfully getting your unique pin, scroll down and click on REGISTER.
  • Fill out the form provided by the website and move to the final step.
  • Input your purchased pin to activate an account.
  • Then submit the form, and you have successfully created your account.


With the information in this article, you can now decide to invest or stay away from Ravetok. If you have personal experience with the platform, you can drop it in the comment. If you are uncertain about how reliable it is, don\’t take the risk. 

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