Beginner\’s Guide On How To Make Money With Luno In Nigeria

Luno is one of the most used crypto exchangers in Nigeria. With over 3 million users in Nigeria alone, it is stressless popular, thanks to its ease of usage.
With that, we will be talking about the leading crypto exchanger and how you can make money out of it.

Luno: What Is It About? is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in West Africa. You can buy crypto for as low as $10 and signup is free.
My major problem with the platform however is that they do not have many coins, and you can only purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and a few others.

Who Owns Luno?

Luno was founded by South African entrepreneur, Marcus Swanepoel alongside Timothy Stranex, Pieter Heyns and Carel van Wyk in 2013.
It was acquired by United States crypto leader Digital Currency Group seven years later.

How To Make Money From Luno As A Nigerian

There are so many ways to make money online in Nigeria, and I will be highlighting some ways you can cash out from Luno:-

Storing of crypto

You can make money on the platform by purchasing and storing available cryptos. Purchasing of coins on the site is very easy and you can do that by transfer or with your credit card, using the third party website provided.


I won\’t be going into many details but you can make money by scalping cryptocurrency on the platform.
It is way less complicated to use when compared with Binance,, Kucoin and other top competing exchanges.

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The Luno Savings Wallet

With the Luno Savings Wallet, you can earn interest on funds deposited in your wallet. The interests might not be so much, but at least better than your bank that would give you a negative increase.


When you make successful referrals to the platform, you will also make money. You can talk to a few friends about them and earn while they earn. Easy right? It\’s time to get to work.


Luno is probably one of the exchange platforms with the simplest user interface. They do not offer P2P options of deposits and withdrawals, and you cannot trade crypto on the platform.
If you have any inquiries about what we discussed, you can drop them as comments below.

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