Superstar Singer, Kendollar To Close 2023 With Banger, Shelewa

Kendollar releases another banger to close the year with. Nigerian singer, “Kendollar” makes a highly anticipated comeback in the music scene with the release of his single track “Shelewa” on the 8th December, 2023, his first release since his last EP ‘A GOOD BEGINNING’ dropped last year.

The track was first teased on the 20th July, 2023 leaving fans excited as they could once again enjoy new music and content from their artist.

The title track ‘shelewa’ depicts a person who is strongly in love with their partner. The chorus goes as far as emphasizing that ‘if this could be love, I am ready to give you my all’.

Kendollar tries to display a picture that anyone could be ‘Shalewa’, that anyone can be in love and that Love is what the world needs right now.

With affection being displayed in the track, the lyrics goes further to explain that there is no need for the fake love the world is forcefully trying to paint out in recent times and relationships, since fans and the world at large have the chance to pick out their own Shalewa themselves based on their true feelings.

Kendollar has spoken on his social media handles on several occasions since the release of the track, that his fans are his shalewa and that they will find the track perfect for the season of love.

Kendollar Bolivia in full is known to be the son of a living legend, a Talented Nigerian-international Award winning highlife musician/songwriter YOUNG BOLIVIA, a Nigerian Musical Maestro of Edo descent.

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Putting in so much work and effort into the unique style of the track makes it an even more masterpiece that fans will find fun and eager to add to their playlist.

‘Shalewa’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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