How To Get Dr Olusola Coker Books On Amazon

In the world of books, there are authors whose words have the incredible ability to captivate and inspire readers.

Dr. Olusola Coker is undoubtedly one such author, whose insightful and engaging stories have touched the hearts and minds of many people in Nigeria and beyond. Through his thought-provoking books, Dr. Coker has become a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration, guiding readers on transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.

In this blog post, we\’ll take a closer look at the fantastic collection of books by Dr. Olusola Coker, all available on Amazon. Whether you\’re seeking wisdom, love a good story, or simply want to explore new perspectives, Dr. Coker\’s books offer a wealth of enlightenment and entertainment.

Join us as we dive into the captivating world crafted by Dr. Olusola Coker, where deep insights, gripping tales, and relatable characters come together to create a reading experience like no other. From heartfelt reflections on life\’s complexities to empowering self-help guides, his books cover a range of genres that cater to diverse interests and tastes.

If you\’re ready to embark on an intellectual and emotional journey that challenges your beliefs and broadens your horizons, then let\’s explore the rich tapestry of Dr. Olusola Coker\’s books available on Amazon. Each page promises to reveal new understanding, leaving you inspired, enlightened, and eager for more.

So, find your favorite reading spot, get ready to be captivated, and let Dr. Olusola Coker\’s literary talent transport you to both familiar and extraordinary realms.

About Dr. Olusola Coker

Dr. Olusola Coker is a public speaker, evangelist, and writer currently serving as the President of Breakthrough Ministries. His dynamic and sincere personality, coupled with his profound understanding of scripture, has established him as a man of God with unwavering faith.

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Driven by his deep passion for evangelism and prayer, Dr. Coker\’s dedication to the things of God is truly remarkable. His zeal knows no bounds, and his commitment to spreading the gospel is evident in all aspects of his life. Additionally, he serves as the Director of Brain Builders Private School and Brain Builders Comprehensive High School, located in Lagos. These educational institutions cater to students from preschool to secondary school levels, providing a holistic approach to learning and growth.

With a diverse educational background, Dr. Olusola Coker holds a first degree in Accounting from the University of London Cambridge, London. He is also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA). Furthermore, he has obtained a Doctorate Degree in Theology from the Salvation Herald Bible College in the USA.

Dr. Olusola Coker is happily married to Bidemi Coker (Late) for over 24 years. Their union has been blessed with one daughter and three sons, forming a close-knit and loving family.

Through his various roles and accomplishments, Dr. Olusola Coker continues to inspire and impact lives with his teachings, writings, and unwavering faith. His commitment to education, evangelism, and the pursuit of God\’s work serves as a shining example for others to follow.

Dr Olusola Coker Books on Amazon

Here are some of Dr Olusola Coker\’s books that are available on Amazon:

  • Command the Day – This book is a collection of prayers and declarations that are designed to help you take charge of your day and achieve your goals.
  • There is Power in the Tongue – This book teaches you how to use your words to create the life you want.
  • Overcoming Serpentine Spirit – This book is a guide to defeating the forces of darkness that are working against you.
  • Prayers Against Marine Spirits – This book contains prayers that will help you to break free from the bondage of marine spirits.
  • 1000 Prayers Against the Activities of Witchcraft – This book is a powerful collection of prayers that can be used to defeat witchcraft.
  • Bye Bye To Witchcrafts – A book of prayers to totally destroy the activities of witchcraft in your life.
  • Warfare Prayers Against Evil Dreams – A book of prayers to destroy evil dreams and their effects.
  • Powerful Prayer Bullets to Subdue Demons and be Victorious – A book of prayers to subdue demons and gain victory over them.
  • Control the Day: Powerful Daily Prayers that Take Charge of the Day – A book of daily prayers to help you take charge of your day and achieve your goals.
  • Witchcraft Powers Destruction – A book of prayers to destroy witchcraft powers in your life.
  • No Situation is Beyond the Almighty: Allow God to Fight Your Battles – A book that encourages you to trust God to fight your battles.
  • Command the Month: Powerful Prayers and Declarations that Take Charge of Each Month of the Year – A book of monthly prayers to help you take charge of each month of the year and achieve your goals.
  • There is Power in the Blood of Jesus – A book that teaches you about the power of the blood of Jesus and how it can be used to overcome challenges in your life.
  • Total Deliverance from Witchcraft, Cultism and Occult – A book that helps you to break free from the bondage of witchcraft, cultism and occult.
  • Spirit of Rebellion Destruction – A book of prayers to destroy the spirit of rebellion in your life.
  • Python Spirit Destruction – A book of prayers to destroy the python spirit in your life.
  • Satanic and Witchcraft Stronghold Destruction – A book of prayers to destroy satanic and witchcraft strongholds in your life.
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Dr Olusola Coker\’s books are available in both physical and Kindle formats. They have received positive reviews from readers, who have praised the author\’s insights and wisdom.

If you are looking for a book that can help you to improve your life, then I recommend checking out one of Dr Olusola Coker\’s books. His books are full of practical advice and inspiring stories that can help you to achieve your goals.

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