How To Get Free Data On MTN – I Got 10GB

MTN is one of the most popular telecommunication services in Nigeria. In fact, as of June 2019, MTN was Nigeria\’s largest mobile telecoms operator and they were holding 38 per cent of the market share.
This means only one thing, the people love them or at least, their users.

Now, I\’m trying to keep this post as short as possible, how can you get free data on MTN? While MTN will not come out all the time to give their users free tips, there could actually be ways to make them for yourself.

How To Get Data For Free On MTN

Is it possible to earn free data on MTN? Well, yes, at least a little here and a little there.

  • Buy a new SIM card

There are some new offers available to only MTN users who buy a particular phone and you can benefit from that. Sometimes too when you don\’t use a SIM card for some time, there will be exclusive offers available to you.
What do I know even? Tap from these and who knows when next they\’ll come.

  • Upgrade your SIM to 4G

If you upgrade your SIM to 4G, they will give you 10GB! How long will this data last for you? Upgrading might not even take an hour if there are not many people on the queue.
After upgrading, send an SMS with the word “4G” to 131.

  • Refer people to upgrade their SIM cards to 4G

Everything is a hustle, right? It is also a very interesting way of getting data for free on MTN. For anybody you refer, you will get free 1GB. 30 referrals will give you free 30GB and you think it\’s not a very cool offer?
I\’m here to make sure all my friends upgrade!

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There are also some \’tricks\’ people use to get free data on their SIM cards and with time they get blocked. There are also plans you can join to get special offers like double data and more.
Which MTN offer are you currently benefiting from? Drop them as comments below let\’s enjoy them together.

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