Daily Income Business in Nigeria: Earn A Living Self-Employed

We spend money every day on one thing or the other. So, we need to have money coming in daily as well.

In this article, I\’ll show you the top four (4) businesses you can venture into that will earn you daily income.

Besides, these businesses only need so much capital. You can start with as low as 5000 NGN to 10000 NGN.

Also, you can have a certificate. All you need is to make yourself available and be consistent in what you do. I assure you that you will earn daily.

Four Daily Income Business in Nigeria

POS (Point Of Sale) Business:

I\’m sure you must be seeing lots of POS stores around. They are increasingly competitive, yet each business owner makes their income daily.

However, it has now become the top of the town, especially for prominent business owners, where they have easy access to cash. 

They use the cash they have, to gain more income from the transactions made by customers, whether they want to withdraw or deposit.

Currently, charges are 200 NGN per 1000 NGN, and it is scarce to see any less. You can calculate yourself and see how much you are liable to earn daily.

Salon business:

It could either be for males or females.

If you\’re an economist like me, you can have a joint venture with a partner, where you will need barb hair and plait hair for people.

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It is a lucrative daily business, especially during the weekend. Men tend to have their hair shaved regularly, sometimes once a week or two weeks.

They will also have children who will love to shave. That\’s a plus to your income. Identical to those that plait their hair, which is even more expensive.

It doesn\’t cost so much to start a salon business. Depending on the location and capital you have on you, it is easy to create.

You may get back almost all your money at the end of a month.

Even though you do not have much capital, you can meet people, tell them what you do, and start home service from there.

It is a business that fetches you daily income.

Food Business:

Food is a necessity for humanity. Nobody can do without eating daily. So, everyone needs to eat, but only some have the time to cook, especially bachelors or those working in the field, like carpenters, bricklayers, roadside engineers, and so on.

If you can make good food, this is an opportunity to grab. It\’s not until you\’re jobless that you start a food business. If you make it on the weekend or if you\’re a student, you can sell to your lecturers, course mates, and even church members.

Or at your place of work, probably a clerk, you could sell to your co-workers in the organization you work.

With consistency and testimonies from your customers, you will begin to attract other prospects, and that\’s how you will make your daily income.

Besides, you could package your food and send them to your customers through dispatch riders according to demand or orders.

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It doesn\’t cost much. The exciting part is that those that placed an order could pay the money ahead of the delivery, and that\’s how you make your daily income.

Water/Drink Business:

The funny thing is that people take more water than food. Food is necessary, but water is essential for the body.

You can do without food in 24 hours, but it\’s very slim to do without water daily. Even a singer mentioned that \”Water no get enemy\”. Honestly, it does not.

You take more water daily than food. You will want to drink water while you eat and even after eating, and as the day goes on, you take water.

So, you can sell drinking water now that it is in sachet and bottle. You could start with any convenient for you based on your capital.

You can also decide to sell drinking water only or water with drinks

I assure you that people are there to buy water or drinks from you, and you make your daily income from there.

You could have a store where people will come to buy from you, or you will hawk around.

The hawking might seem stressful, but you could get your store where you make your daily income with time.

The exciting part is that water is not a perishable commodity. I hope you\’re thinking what I\’m thinking already. Winks!


There are more business ideas you could venture into, but these are the top four (4) businesses that would fetch you daily income.

 I hope you would give one of them a start and see yourself making money. 

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Just look around; do what you think needs to be done. Please fill the gaps and venture into them, especially what people can only do sometimes.

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