How To Convert MTN Points To Airtime in Nigeria

We would all grab the opportunity to earn from spending. MTN has made that a reality for its subscribers. MTN created the pulse plan. The pulse plan is one of the many plans you can migrate to as an MTN user.

The pulse plan is unique because of its multiple bonuses. In addition to the popular ones like flat rate on calls, you can earn pulse points.

These pulse points can be earned through different means. You can be rewarded when you recharge. You can also earn when you make calls or use other MTN services. These points can then be converted into benefits. E.G Data, Airtime and IG / TikTok bundle.

Rather than leaving it like untapped gold. I will teach you how to convert your points into airtime in this article. Drink a cup of water.

8 Steps To Convert MTN Points To Airtime

Dial USSD:

I believe you are familiar with USSD. you will need that basic knowledge to convert MTN pulse point into airtime. Dial *550# and process the USSD code. Wait for feedback on your request.

A menu should appear on your screen. If you see any other prompt like an error, cancel and try again.

Select an option:

The menu will provide different options available. You are to select option 8. This option should run a command for more. If your request was processed you will see another page pop up. This page will also contain a list of options.

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Select MTN Reward:

Under the page that appears after clicking 8, select MTN reward. MTN reward should be the first option available (1). Input 1 as a command and process it.  This might take a while so just be patient.

Select Type of Reward:

The command you processed would lead to a page. This page should contain different types of MTN rewards. Since you are converting points, you select points. Point is the first reward on the menu. Input 1 and proceed.

Go Back:

Once you see the next page check through the menu. At this point, you are to go back. To go back input 0 and process it. You will have to go back because the further page can’t process conversion requests.

Select MORE:

Once you have returned input 99. 99 is the command to see more options. Among these options is the option to redeem points.

Redeem Points:

Once you see more options locate 2. It is the command to redeem your pulse points. Input 2 and process to redeem your precious points.

Select preferred reward:

Once you are able to redeem your points then you can choose how to use them. You can convert it to Data or airtime. So, you can choose airtime. Once you are done you can start calling without buying Airtime.


Note that when running these commands on USSD try to be as fast as possible. It easily breaks connections. This means you will have to start all over.

The conversion rate of pulse point is standard 1 naira to 1 point. You must have also migrated to pulse plan before enjoying this offer.

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