How To Bill A Client For ITunes Card In Three Easy Steps

If you are looking for how to bill a client for iTunes card, then this article is for you. Assuming you work for someone and then getting your money is a problem, this might be a great option.

This is very necessary to consider since Nigerians can\’t use PayPal (which is the most popular) and a client would really not want to go to the bank to use Western Union for a transaction not so much.
When you have exhausted other options of receiving your money, then you can go for either Amazon, iTunes or any other gift cards.

If your client will be able to pay through PayPal, you can also click here so we help you set up one immediately. It will be able to send and receive money in Nigeria, as well as withdraw to your Nigerian bank account.

Introduction: What Is An iTunes Gift Card?

An iTunes gift card (popularly labelled as an iTunes and App Store card) simply defined is a pre-purchased credit for Apple\’s various digital services.
This can include the iTunes Store, which is Apple\’s media and software marketplace where you can buy music, movies, apps, and more.

There are other gift cards but the two most popular are the iTunes and the Amazon gift cards, and they are also the easiest to sell off since they have a good demand and supply.

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Which Other Ways Can You Get Your Money From A Client?

There are over a hundred ways through which you can get your money from a client except what we\’re discussing today, so you can always go for whichever is easier for you.

– Direct bank transfer through companies like Transferwise
– PayPal (not currently accepted in Nigeria, but I can help you set up one)
– Payoneer
– Skrill
– Cryptocurrency (you can read more about crypto in Nigeria)
– Paystack
– Flutterwave
– Webmoney

There are a lot of other ones and they all have different modes of operation. Paystack and Flutterwave for instance will need you to create a payment link and your clients can pay through their credit cards.
Even with that, you might need to activate some settings that will limit your ability to receive money from some countries, if applicable.

How To Convince Your Client To Pay Through An iTunes Card

Assuming you have exhausted the other options, or you just want to try this straight, then here we go!

Get the job

This is to say you have to find a client first, it doesn\’t have to be on Fiverr or any other freelance platforms since those ones process the payments themself.
You have to get the job first, understand that you might have to forfeit the money if things don\’t go exactly the way you want or use someone\’s account to receive them.

Build a relationship

You have to be very friendly with the clients as well, it makes it much easier controlling them. I have worked with foreigners who were actually the ones suggesting ways of paying me even when they knew I was Nigerian.
The clients are humans and you can make them more than just business partners.

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Finish the job

After getting the job and building a relationship, make sure you deliver. With this, they\’ll be entitled to you, these white clients don\’t like to owe.
Make him understand you are in Nigeria and the government here is treating you the way they are. Since you all are already close, he will be suggesting ways of paying you and will actually be the one on your neck.

When all options have been exhausted, you will ask the person if they can send you a gift card.


If you successfully get the gift card, then you can find a trusted dealer to purchase it and give you the value in Naira. You might have to compare prices and go for the best since you\’ll be coming a little more often.

That\’s all.

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