The Survival Strategies For Small Scale Bakeries in Enugu 

Are you considering starting a small-scale bakery in Enugu, and are you worried about survival? 

It\’s not a bad thought based on the competition among bakeries in the state. In addition, competing with big companies can be very challenging.
You must make smart decisions so your business won\’t collapse after a few weeks. Let me give you some tips that would be useful for the journey. 

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How To Survive as a Small-Scale Bakery in Enugu

Quality Production

With the rate of competition in the state, bakeries who produce below standard would definitely strive. No one would see a less-quality product and prefer to buy it over a better one. No matter how dare people are to you, buying from you would be difficult if you don\’t produce something tasty. 

You might need to get more training to be able to get good customer reviews. These reviews would be capable of expanding your network and fostering the growth of your bakery. 

Start With Your Friends 

Your first customers are your friends. It could be casual, intimate, close or just street friends. Start by introducing your businesses to them. Well, a few of them have no choice but to order to test your product. 

That is when the quality of the product would start becoming useful. A bite from someone could spark an undying interest. 

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Use The Media 

Social media is a marketplace for advertising. Through the internet, you have access to millions of people. Take your product seriously and give it your best in marketing. Several other companies are doing the same to thrive; you just have to be smart about yours. 


People often undermine the power of using the name of a known company to set the ground for a new one. There are companies you could hide under to get to the top. Consider a fashion company, and use its name to get attention. Yes, it might cost you a few thousand, depending on your agreement. But it\’s one of the ways to break through.


You have this crucial choice to make. Starting a new bakery amidst known and popular ones might be challenging to survive. Excluding the name that protects their brand, they would be able to sell cheaper because they sell at affordable prices. Reducing your price might not be able to make you stand a chance. Get a better location. 


Don\’t feel intimidated before you start; most factories start small. If you apply the tips, you can be sure to start making headway a few weeks after opening your business. 

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