Review: A MUST Read Before You Invest

Investment in online platforms can be rewarding, and also frustrating if you don’t do it right.

As the internet gets more popular, more legitimate and of course, fraudulent platforms are emerging, with promises of helping investors duplicate their money.

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With so many investment platforms available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one that meets your investment goals and preferences. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive review of the Primeshares platform, including its features, fees, and overall user experience. Profile

URL: (current URL
Registrar: Whogohost Limited
Registered On: 2023-03-04
Owner: Hidden
Activities: Affiliate marketing, share trading, publishing and resale
Country: Available in Ghana and Nigeria
Registration fee: ₦4,000 (113 Cedis for Ghanaians)
Referral bonus: ₦3,200 (first level spillover ₦300 while the second spillover ₦100)
Minimum withdrawal: For referral, it’s $10 (₦5,000) while for non-referral it’s $40 (₦20,000)
Payment method: Bank transfer (via coupons)
Is referral compulsory: No, but it helps you make more money

What is

Primeshares is an online investment platform that claims to pay its users for different activities, ranging from share trading to publishing and of course affiliate marketing.
As a Primeshares user, you’ll earn a daily income of ₦500 (₦15,000 monthly) for sharing posts. In addition to this, new users receive a welcome bonus of ₦2,500.

According to the website, Primeshare works in three basic systems:

  • Primshares affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where a business rewards its affiliates for every visitor, customer, or sale that they refer to the business’s website. In the Primeshares affiliate marketing system, the referral bonus for each person is $6.4 (this also includes a first-level spillover of $0.60 and a second spillover of $0.2.
    Also, you can earn referral bonuses whenever your downlines purchase new shares. So, you don’t just earn for referring your friends, but also when they purchase shares.
  • Primeshares shares trading: The primeshares stock market offers six categories of volatile shares that are directly accessible from the user’s dashboard to every regular affiliate user. Users can monitor the daily growth or decline in the value of these shares. These shares can either give a + or – ranging from 5-15% monthly.
    The names of the shares are announced monthly and made available for sale for those interested to key in.Primeshares acts as an intermediary to the foreign stock exchange market, buying a limited number of shares to resell to its shareholders. The shareholders receive the exact interest rates at the end of the specified period. These shares are available in two monthly batches and are valued at $50, $100, and $200.  Additionally, you can withdraw referral bonuses earned from purchases made by your direct downlines at any time.
  • Ebook publishing/resale: Just like Expertnaire, digital book (ebook) publishers can get their books published to a whole variety of Primeshares users. How it works is that authors publish their books, which in turn, gets promoted by other users who’d earn commissions of 70% for successful sales. The ebook others on the other hand get to earn 20%, while the remaining 10% goes to Primeshares…amazing, right?
    Kindly note that to upload an ebook, an author needs to have earned at least $100 from the referral system.
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Primeshares Referral System

I’ve already explained this above, but I need to make it clearer. Primeshares Investment pays its users referral bonuses for telling their friends about the platform. The system is very simple and straightforward, when someone signs up with your referral link, you automatically earn a referral bonus of ₦3,200 ($6.4).

It doesn’t end there, they also pay you when your referrals refer their friends.

To explain better:

  • Primeshares referral bonus is ₦3,200
  • The indirect referral is ₦300 (when a person whom you referred goes on to refer another individual)
  • The second indirect referral is ₦100 (when another individual is signed up by your second-level downline)

In addition, you can earn referral bonuses whenever your downlines purchase new shares.

Referral commissions for your downlines who buy shares:

  • Purchases of shares valued at $50: 5% of shares worth referral bonus
  • Purchases of shares valued at $100: $3 of shares worth referral bonus
  • Purchases of shares valued at $200: $1 of shares worth referral bonus

NOTE: The bonuses can be withdrawn at any time.

Primeshares Registration | How To Join Primeshares

Joining Primeshares is very easy and costs only ₦4,000. According to the website, new users get a welcome bonus of ₦2,500 for just signing up. The registration fee is to be paid through any of the trusted coupon dealers listed on the website.

If you have issues choosing a trusted coupon dealer, you can feel free to contact us via our contact page and we’ll guide you on how to do it or help you out with it.

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To log in, simply enter your email and password. If at any point you forget our password, you can do reset it wth your email.

How To Earn On Primeshares

I’ve already explained these above, but I need to present a summary to make it easier. Below are some ways you can make money on Primeshares:

  • The first and most important way of earning is by sharing daily posts
  • You can earn by referring your friends
  • You can make money by investing  shares
  • You can make money by uploading your ebooks
  • You can also make money by selling ebooks as an affiliate

Is Primeshares Scam or Legit?

So far, I’ve not had any reasons to call Primeshares a scam, but then, I always advise you to do your own research before investing in new platforms, and also, invest what you can afford to lose.

The owner has so far, hidden his information online and even hidden his information on Whois. Also, I can’t find any evidence that the business has been registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). These are red flags that shouldn’t be ignored when making delicate financial decisions.

Also, we don’t seem to find any information about them online, as they do not have a verified handle on any of the popular social media platforms.

I also say it again, only invest what you can afford to lose. Whether while registering, or investing in shares.

How to cashout/withdraw on Primeshares

Withdrawal of referral bonuses on Primeshares is twice weekly (Mondays and Thursdays) while non-referral/PS trends earnings are withdrawn on every 2nd of the month. Withdrawal time is from 10 am to 12 pm.

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The minimum withdrawal for referral earnings is $10 (₦5,000) while for non-referral it is $40 (20,000 points).

To cashout on Primeshares follow the steps below:

  • On your Primeshares dashboard, tap on the ‘Cashout’ button
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Enter your bank details
  • Click on ‘submit’

Wait for 24 hours to receive your money.


I hope with this article, you’d be able to make wiser financial decisions. We tried our best in writing this article based on the information available online at present and it could be updated in the future.

What do you think of Primeshares? Have you invested? Have you gotten paid? Kindly drop us a comment below and don’t forget to share.

31 thoughts on “ Review: A MUST Read Before You Invest”

  1. Since I change my password I can’t login to my primeshare account.. I have to go for reset password but still no massage in my email

  2. Bros they are big scammers, they force non referral to join skills class and said they are not investment platform anymore after collecting money from 100k people.

  3. You really want to make money online ? #primeshare is the best platform for now . Join with only #4000 and earn daily income of #500 minimum. You can earn over #50000 daily on primeshare ( depends on time sacrifice)
    You get paid twice in a week, Monday and Thursday straight to your bank account even to opay , kuda and palmpay.
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    You are only registering with #3500.

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  4. if You really want to make money online? then #primeshare is the best platform for now i have tried it and earned a lot the primary way i earn is by referring others you also can do the same. Join with only #4000 and earn daily income of #500
    minimum. You can earn over #30000 or more daily on primeshare (depends on the time you put into it)
    You get paid twice in a week, Monday and Thursday straight to your bank account even to opay , kuda and opay
    To register you need coupon code.
    Whatsapp me now on
    for the registration. You will get instant bonus of #2500 if you register .
    You are only registering with #4000
    please message me on whatsapp at to sign up and start earning

  5. I’ll need your help with a trusted coupon dealer, and I’m unable to find the “cash out” button on my dash board. Can you help with that as well?

    1. Chidozie Chinaza kindness

      Pls I’ve been trying to withdraw but I can’t… Today is de second of the month but it keep saying “withdrawal closed”

  6. What an excellent review, so true and well written.
    Meanwhile you can Dm me on WhatsApp on +2348164063***, if you need any assistance.

  7. Lyndel Johnson

    I’m a huge fan of your post, and without exception, I faithfully apply each of its recommendations every time there’s a new one. Not only that, but I excitedly share it on all my social media platforms, and my dedicated followers never hesitate to give a resounding liking and engaging with it. Keep up the fantastic work and keep those insightful posts coming

  8. Please I placed a withdrawal and it’s 24 hours now plus . I haven’t seen any momey. How can someone change the bank details on primeshare

  9. Favour Odigiri

    Eversince i joined prime share, I have not be able to withdraw and i have over $60 on my dashboard, Someone shld pls help, i dont refer people.
    What do I do?

  10. Why is there no unity Bank in primeshare.
    And again I put my account number. They told me record already exists.
    Pls why.even my account has already exists.

  11. Wow! Your blog post blew me away! Your ability to dissect complex topics and present them in a relatable, no-nonsense way is simply genius.

  12. Kirk Knightly

    The article on your blog is knowledgeable and captivating, providing valuable insights in a clear and clear manner. The site’s appealing layout and user-friendly interface improve the overall reading experience. Continue the great work!

  13. Today 2nd of July 2023 and have been trying to withdraw and they are telling me withdrawal close but why.

  14. I’ve been trying to withdraw today But they keep on saying withdrawal Is Closed and today is 2nd of the month

  15. Why is it saying “withdrawal closed”
    I thought the withdrawal date and time is 2nd of every month by 10 am?

  16. Exactly same as me
    I’ve been trying to withdraw since August 2nd !! I’ve been trying it every second of every month tilleven today!!! It doesn’t work!!!

  17. I have been trying to withdraw since the very first day my money entered 40$…..error gateway
    Please my money is now 80$ still trying today again but it’s not login in….solution please my 4000 can’t go like that..Abah for this regime.

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