5 Legitimate Platforms That Pay Nigerian Writers in 2023

In the digital age, the opportunities for writers to showcase their talents and get paid for their work have expanded significantly. Nigerian writers, known for their rich storytelling traditions, now have an array of legitimate platforms at their disposal that provide not only a platform to share their creativity but also a means to earn a decent income.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five such platforms that are offering payment to Nigerian writers in 2023. One of these esteemed platforms is Listverse, renowned for its diverse range of content and reliable compensation for writers.

Write and Get Paid Instantly in Nigeria: 5 Platforms You Should Sign Up On

For upcoming Nigerian writers looking for platforms to work for, here are five platforms currently working with Nigerian writers.

1. Listverse

Listverse continues to be a standout platform for writers to share their insights, knowledge, and creativity. With a vast readership and a commitment to diverse content, Listverse has been a sought-after platform for Nigerian writers.
The platform’s unique approach of publishing lists on a wide range of topics ensures that writers can explore various niches.

Writers are rewarded with a competitive payment for their published articles, making Listverse a solid choice for Nigerian writers looking to both share their expertise and earn an income.

2. PayWriters

PayWriters is another platform that has gained popularity among Nigerian writers.
It serves as a hub for various writing opportunities, including articles, blog posts, academic writing, and more. The platform allows writers to bid on projects posted by clients, enabling them to set their own rates based on their expertise.

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This flexibility gives Nigerian writers the chance to earn according to their skills and experience, making it an attractive option for freelancers.

3. nHub Nigeria

nHub Nigeria, while primarily a technology and entrepreneurship hub, has extended its reach to include a platform for writers. They encourage Nigerian writers to contribute articles related to technology, business, and innovation.
The platform offers compensation for well-crafted pieces, fostering a community of tech-savvy writers who can effectively communicate complex ideas to a broader audience.

4. Wawabook Review

For Nigerian writers passionate about literature and book reviews, Wawabook Review provides a fitting platform. This platform is dedicated to African literature and offers writers the opportunity to share their thoughts on various books and literary topics.
While it focuses on reviews, the platform compensates writers for their thoughtful insights, encouraging a deeper engagement with literature within the Nigerian community.

5. Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub, backed by the popular Opera Mini browser, is a content platform that empowers Nigerian writers to reach a massive audience. Writers can submit articles on a wide range of subjects, including news, entertainment, lifestyle, and more.
The platform rewards writers based on the engagement their articles generate, making it an appealing option for those who can craft compelling and shareable content.


The writing landscape in Nigeria has evolved significantly, offering writers a plethora of platforms to not only express their creativity but also earn a decent income.
From Listverse’s diverse topics to PayWriters’ freelance opportunities and nHub Nigeria’s tech-oriented approach, there are options tailored to various interests and expertise.

For those who have a passion for literature, Wawabook Review offers a niche to explore, while Opera News Hub provides a gateway to a massive readership. As these platforms continue to thrive, Nigerian writers are finding new avenues to showcase their talents and get paid for their valuable contributions.

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