Old Taker Meaning: Trending Slang Explained The Street Way

A couple of weeks ago the phrase ‘Old Taker’ was trending all over the internet. A lot of people were searching for the meaning but of course, it is not everywhere. Now before we begin, Old Taker is different from New Taker, Any Taker, Up Taker and other phrases.
In fact, it has different meanings in other languages and I’ll be talking about it here.

Old Taker Meaning: Slang

The slang old taker simply stands for someone who has collected the street way before now but is no more on soft. Do you understand or should I go deeper?
E mean person wey don pick before but e don red for am now! Take for instance, you made money and became a baller and all of a sudden you are exhausted maybe before you thought it would keep coming and didn’t invest.

Examples of times Old Taker was used online

The phrase Old Taker was popular on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, I will be dropping some of the popular tweets;

Precious don finish with β€œ1 year ago” now we Dey β€œ2 years ago”.

Old taker life no sweet o.πŸ˜‚

Precious wetin dey happen nau?

old taker wan use memories kill me

I told you, he’s no more making memories!

Old taker don sell Ps5 say β€˜life is not a game’ πŸ˜‚

Life don serious haha!


Old taker go surely take again.

Shebi na Erigga say motivate yourself?

Dem Give Old taker ig take
He sell am take eat πŸ˜‚πŸ’”

If the one you made before finished, why make new one? It will still finish.

Jumia Black Friday don dey come, old taker go smile again πŸ˜‚

This is a bit extreme because, no be all of us dey wait Black Friday?

my old taker aunt wan use Dubai gist kill usπŸ˜”

Aunty self dey remember old good days!

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Why Is Old Taker Trending?

Well, like every other trending memes, there is no exact reason. Old Taker is in every aspect of life. If your business was going well and you were living fine and a government policy affects your sales, you don turn Old Taker.
If as a pastor your members drop without any increase, people can call you that. Even in football, music and every other aspects of life, it is applicable.

The streets would say no matter what happens, make sure to keep your head high. Motivate yourself and you will swim across!

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