How To Become Nomba (formerly Kudi) POS Agent In Nigeria (Step-By-Step Guide)

In this article, we\’d be exploring a step-by-step tutorial on how you can become a Kudi (Nomba) POS agent in Nigeria. When you want to withdraw some cash from the ATM and you discover that it\’s crowded, what do you do? Rush down to the bank to withdraw over the counter? Join the queue of more than 200 people and patiently wait till it gets to your turn?

I don\’t know about you, but for me, I just look across the road for the closest POS terminal, make my withdrawal and zoom off for the day\’s business. This, of course, doesn\’t come for free, as you have to pay some extra POS charges of probably, ₦100, depending on your withdrawal amount and location.

Who is a POS Agent?

First of all, I\’ll have to explain what POS means, and what it\’s used for. The term POS stands for \’Point of Sale\’.

In the general sense, a point of sale is a device that is used to process transactions by retail customers. A POS system allows business owners to accept payments from customers and keep track of sales.

If you\’ve ever paid for something with your credit/debit card, then it\’s most likely you\’ve used a POS machine. The POS machine processes, records, and finalizes credit or debit transactions. It can come in various forms ranging from as small as a mobile phone to as large as a display monitor.

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Having known this, who can now be called a POS agent?

The term POS business became popular in Nigeria due to the quest to find an alternative to customers having to line up in bank ATMs. They arere are the middlemen between the banks and their customers and offer various services, including; cash withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and airtime recharges, amongst others.

Some popular POS agencies in Nigeria include; UBA Monie POS agency, Monie Point POS agency, First Monie POS agency, Nomba POS Agency, Opay POS agency and Access Closa POS Agency. In this article, we\’d be showing you how to become a Nomba POS agent, but you can read more on the reviews of the best POS machines in Nigeria, including their prices and how to get them.

Nomba POS Agent

Nomba (formerly Kudi) provides access to everyday tools that simplify payments and drive business growth by helping business owners accept offline, and online payments and manage sales. With their head office in Lagos, they offer services including; card payments, POS terminals, management and banking tools to their offer 200,000 customers across Nigeria.

Benefits of Becoming a Nomba POS Agent

Below are some benefits of becoming a Nomba POS agent:

  • Accepts all Bank Cards: You get to accept all bank cards, whether Verve, MasterCard or Visa debit cards.
  • Light and Sleek: Do you like your gadgets sleek? Nomba likes it too.
  • Easy to operate: Everything is simplified, so you don\’t need to learn programming before learning how to use the Nomba POS.
  • Pocket Friendly: You don\’t need to break the bank in order to become a Nomba POS agent. The prices are very competitive and pocket friendly.
  • Connects to 4G/3G/2G Wifi: Whether you\’re living in Owerri or Okigwe, you can use use the Nomba POS without having to suffer internet glitches.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The Nomba POS machines are also Bluetooth-enabled.
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How To Become a Kudi (Nomba) POS Agent in Nigeria

To become a Nomba POS agent, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Download the Kudi App on Appstore or Google Playstore.
  • Create an account on the website. You\’ll be submitting your Full Name, Phone Number, Email, Business Name and referral code (it\’s optional).
  • Choose your password. I recommend using a very strong password, different from what you use on other websites.
  • Fund your wallet and start transacting.

NOTE: Your registered phone number is your unique Kudi wallet identifier and you\’ll choose your Kudi PIN.

Transactions on Nomba POS For Agents

Asides from the cash withdrawals/deposits, other transactions you can perform as a Nomba POS agent include:

  • Electricity bill payments
  • TV subscriptions
  • Airtime purchase
  • Data purchase

What\’s more?

Are you a Nomba POS For Agents? How has your experience with them been? How much will you recommend it to someone?

Kindly drop us a comment and don\’t forget to share with your frinds.

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