Two Working Tips On How To Make Money On Clickbank In Nigeria 

To survive any economical condition, making money through different means is the key. Clickbank is one of those methods you can consider to generate side funds for yourself. 

Have you heard of Clickbank before now? Do you know Nigerians can make money through this platform? 

Let me walk you through this process and give you all the details you need to know about Clickbank. 

What is Clickbank? 

Often, people refer to Clickbank as an affiliate site where people refer buyers to products and get a commission per sale. However, this platform is much more than that. Clickbank is an online marketplace where people buy and sell. 

Like a physical market, ClickBank is an online market where people display their products online for people to buy. To make it easier, the site enables people with no product to sell by helping others sell their products. 

This site is in several countries, so networking has a large space for operation. Before making money on the platform, you need to create an account on the site. 

How to Create an Account With Clickbank 

Before you can create your account, you need to have some requirements as a procedure. As a Nigerian, to make the creation of your account work, get these things in place. 

  1. A Gmail account. It would be best if you have not used the account to register on the platform before. The site would not authorize a sing up or two accounts with one Gmail account. 
  2. Payoneer account. It would foster the transfer of your money from your foreign purse into your local bank account. To create a Payoneer account, visit the official website. There is a $25 welcome bonus for you if you sign-up right now with this link, you can click to find out more on how to access your bonus.
  3. A VPN. You need a strong VPN to be able to access the site. Get a paid VPN for better performance and download a new browser for the process. 
  4. Fakename generator. This helps to create an identity in your chosen country. After using the VPN, you have to select a country; then, the fakenamegenerator will complete the process. 
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Immediately these things are in place, go to Clickbank official website and signup.

How To Make Money On Click Bank In Nigeria 

There are two major ways to make money on Clickbank. I would do an explanation of both methods. 

Affiliate marketing 

In short, affiliate means linking buyers to products online. Take for example; you meet someone who needs to buy a phone. Then you point to a shop that sells the phone. If the buyer proceeds to buy that product, you will have a commission that the seller would pay you. 

This is a peaceful and passive way of making income. However, an online affiliate is more effective. The internet has billions of users, and millions of people can come across your post on social media. 

To this, you can employ different methods to link people to products on Clickbank. 

  • Blog post: You can write about a product and what it does in a blog post. Adding the link of the good you want to sell on the blog post can help to generate sales. 
  • Social media post: Social media now serves more functions than just meeting new people to have fun. A description of what you sell and how it works would make people ask for more about it. Definitely, you can see people who are interested in checking up on the product with the aim of buying. 
  • Face-to-face discussion: Approaching your friends about what you sell is not bad. For example, if a friend of yours needs a material, you can link such person up with the product. 
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Being a seller is the second way you can make money on Clickbank. Most times, most people think being a seller means you are a producer in a large company. Well, that is not the case.

You can start selling audiobooks, ebooks, and different things that add value to people. The most important thing out of everything is how what you sell gives value to others. That will make people come back and refer people to your page. 


A passive income can easily be generated if you have a ClickBank account. Being in Nigeria is no longer a restriction to know what you can do outside the shore; just make moves and expect the result.

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