How To Start Indomie Wholesale Business In Nigeria (A Step By Step Guide)

Do you know that you can become an Indomie distributor without workloads? Have you ever desired to become an Indomie wholesaler in your local area?

That\’s simply because, in this very article, we will be discussing or unveiling the simple steps on how to become an Indomie distributor in real time.

Over the years, people from different spheres find it difficult to become distributors of the Indomie Instant Noodles, some also couldn\’t make it to the point of selling wholesale.

What Is Indomie Instant Noodles? 

The Indomie Instant Noodles is an amazing noodle fully packed with numerous nutritional contents. The Indomie Instant Noodle isn\’t just a regular noodle. This noodle is something you shouldn\’t treat with total negligence.

The noodles has different collections and sizes such as Hungry Man Size, Super Pack, Indomitables, Belle Full, Chicken Flavour, and many more.

Notwithstanding, This is very popular noodle in Nigeria. On daily basis, people buy this noodles, there\’s obviously no part in this country that you won\’t see this noodle.

Who Are The Producers Of Indomie Instant Noodles?

On this, it is believed that Indomie Instant Noodles is one of the products of Dufil Prima Foods (De United Foods Industries Limited). Added to that, it is believed that the Dufil Prima produced other best selling products such as Power Pasta, Hypo, Minimie Chin Chin, etc.

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Dulfil Prima Foods (De United Foods Industries) is a foreign company company that is based in Nigeria. Dufil Prima Foods as they are popularly known in Nigeria carries out all their operations in Nigeria.

DUFIL PRIMA FOODS PLC was incorporated in 2001 as a private limited liability company at Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Upon completion of a restructuring exercise the company was converted to Public limited company and became the holding company of the group in year 2008.

Now without wasting much time, let\’s quickly delve into the main article for discussion;

A Step By Step Guide On How To Start Indomie Wholesale Business In Nigeria

Read through, and also ensure you follow every step so as you wouldn\’t miss out on any line;

STEP ONE: Send Your Proposal / Request To Dufil Prima Foods:

The first thing you need to do in other to start Indomie wholesale business in Nigeria is to send in your proposal to De United Foods Industries Limited (Dufil Prima Foods).

Accessibly, you\’ll have to check out for contacts, and address by clicking here

After sending your proposal and request at the appropriate quarters, kindly wait for their response. When they send feedback, then proceed to the next step.

STEP TWO: Get Your Capital / Funds:

The next thing you need to do after you must have been able to get approval is to raise your funds. Starting an Indomie wholesale business in Nigeria is quite expensive in the sense that you need to have a very good financial planning.

Get started with the Indomie Wholesale Business, you need to have at least between 2 Million to 4 Million naira. This business requires so much thereby needs so much capital too.

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STEP THREE: Good Location:

A good location is another strategic aspect you should not joke with. There are locations that won\’t be good for this very business, and also, there are locations that will be super cool for the business.

Meanwhile, on this very segment, take your time, and make sure you don\’t situate in an area that will affect your business.

STEP FOUR: Get A Business Name:

Your business is another thing you should consider after you must have secured the wholesale slot and also gotten a location for your business. It will surprise you to know that many businesses out there are nameless in the sense that they don\’t have a business/brand name.

In choosing a business name, kindly make sure you do that meditatively.

STEP FIVE: Register Your Business:

Your business will be considered an illegal business if you\’ve not registered it yet. Yeah! even if the business is doing well to an extent; if you have not registered it, it is like an illegal operation.

So, in other for you to validate your business, you will have to register it with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Few weeks ago, we wrote on the topic \’\’The Guru’s Guide On How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria\’\’, find time to read it so you will know how to register your business yourself.

STEP SIX: Workforce:

You can obviously run the business yourself, so you will be needing other hands to work with you. Wholesaling s different from retailing so you need to have staff or employees.

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STEP SEVEN: Rally For Customers:

Without customers all your preparations and arrangements are useless. you need to start working towards getting customers. This can be achieved when you do enough publicity.

You can also get a van or a vehicle that can ride and rally for customers. With consistency and perseverance, you will start getting customers.


Having read this thread, hope you can walk yourself into becoming an Indomie wholesaler without going through any form of stress or so. Be sure that you follow all the steps so you won\’t miss out on any line.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or suggestions to render, kindly send feedback using the comment section below this article.

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