Expertnaire Review: Don\’t Mind What They\’re Saying, READ THIS!

Expertnaire has grown over time to become one of the most popular affiliate platforms in Nigeria. While you will be seeing screenshots of heavy earnings and probably wanting to join, here is a few things you\’d love to know about the platform.

What is Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is a digital marketing platform. It helps users upload and sell their digital content at a fee, while affiliate marketers can sign-up too and make money referring customers to the platform.

Who owns Expertnaire?

The platform was launched by a Nigerian internet marketer and business coach, Toyin Omotoso in 2018.
He also has other products to his credit like the 7 Star Systems where the 72IG Implementation Program is hosted.

How good is Expertnaire?

Well, I won\’t give a very direct answer. To people who have gotten their ROI and more, it is a very good platform.
To some others who have signed up, paid for the highly-priced courses and are not able to generate sales, it is not worth it.

In my own opinion, the platform thrives on a referral basis and the more buzz you can create, the more sales you attract and of course, live a better life.

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How to download from Expertnaire

It depends on what you\’re trying to download. Some of the courses are hosted on external platforms so you can make payment from the provided links and be referred to where you can make the downloads.

How Much Can You Make From The Platform?

The amount of money you can make depends on:

  • The commission per sale on the product

This refers to the commission the seller chose to pay for each successful sale from an affiliate.


The screenshot above was gotten from a blog and it showed some of the courses available on the platform and the amount you can make per sale.

Take for instance the ninth product on the page is a product on how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria and it\’s sold for ₦10,000 on a 50% commission basis.
This means that for every sale you generate as an affiliate, you take ₦5,000 and the vendor takes ₦5,000.

  • How many sales you can generate

With the example above, if you can generate 5 sales of the product, you will make ₦25,000 in the month.

There are several other products and you can choose to promote what you think your audience will appreciate.

How to register on Expertnaire

Some people are searching for How to register on Expertnaire for free, however, it is not possible.
Some affiliates can offer discounts for you to register with their affiliate links.

There are two types of people who can sign up on the Expertnaire, vendors and affiliates.
We will be seeing how to sign up for both.

  • Sign up as a Vendor

The Vendor fee is ₦25,000 per year and a 10% charge on every successful conversion.
You will be sent the registration link after getting your product approved and then you can sign in to your account.

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Please visit this page for more.

  • Sign up as an Affiliate

The cost for signing up as an Expertnaire affiliate is ₦10,000.
You will earn per successful conversion, according to the cost of the product and the percentage commission.

You can pick up any product and begin promoting immediately after setting up your account.
Find out more on this page.

What product do they sell on Expertnaire?

There are tons of products that are sold on Expertnaire and they are all digital content.
You can sell anything from how to make money online to how to create PayPal accounts.

How to withdraw from Expertnaire

Withdrawals are done every Friday and straight to your Nigerian bank account. They are automatically made directly to the account specified on your account.

Final Words

The Expertnaire platform is not a scam, but you do not make money until you earn. If you want to make a choice of products to sell, don\’t just throw your net into the water.

Carefully make a choice of products according to your audience and you can focus on what works for you.

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